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(edit) @114183   6 years vince Restores epoch (thanks Ryan).
(edit) @114136   6 years vince Bump to v 2.1.1. Following Sfcgal update to 1.0.4, the option +sfcgal …
(edit) @113699   6 years stromnov postgis2: update livecheck
(edit) @112007   6 years vince Add a sfcgal variant to link against the SFCGAL library
(edit) @111233   6 years vince postgis2: Add postgresql93 variant (#40487)
(edit) @110008   6 years vince Bump to version 2.1.0
(edit) @106285   7 years vince Upgrade to 2.0.3
(edit) @100935   7 years macsforever2000 postgis2: Add the epoch which was deleted in r100921.
(edit) @100922   7 years vince Add libxslt dependency
(edit) @100921   7 years vince Bump to 2.0.2
(edit) @98101   7 years singingwolfboy postgis2: update default postgres version
(edit) @95593   7 years vince postgis2: Bump to version 2.0.1 (and get rid of the SVN stuff); add …
(edit) @93205   8 years vince Set parallel build to no since it seems proper synchronisation is not …
(edit) @92950   8 years vince Now that r92935 has been committed, there is no need anymore to …
(edit) @92833   8 years ryandesign Set svn:keywords to Id
(edit) @92832   8 years ryandesign Set svn:eol-style to native
(edit) @92582   8 years ryandesign postgis2: use registry_active instead of exec'ing port to determine if …
(edit) @92581   8 years ryandesign postgis2: add autoconf, automake, libtool build dependencies needed by …
(edit) @92580   8 years ryandesign postgis2: fix typo in filename
(edit) @92579   8 years ryandesign postgis2: adjust wording of comments variant warning and append to …
(edit) @92495   8 years vince Add an epoch to allow seamless upgrade to 2.0.1 when released.
(edit) @92494   8 years vince Implement modifications suggested by Ryan (thanks)
(add) @92462   8 years vince Initial commit
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