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(edit) @104228   7 years jmr sqliteman: license
(edit) @82546   8 years ryandesign app-1.0.tcl: use variable tracing magic to automatically add makeicns …
(edit) @82538   8 years ryandesign sqliteman: use app portgroup
(edit) @82474   8 years ryandesign sqliteman: fix CFBundleExecutable; see #30756
(edit) @82472   8 years ryandesign sqliteman: add app in applications_dir; see #30756
(edit) @76385   9 years ricci drop maintainership for multiple ports (ENOTIME)
(edit) @72608   9 years michaelld Changes to use qt4 portgroup. Update to 1.2.2, to take care of qt 4.7 …
(edit) @69226   9 years michaelld Fix header location of Qscintilla; remove unnecessary explicit …
(edit) @62496   10 years ryandesign sqliteman: update to 1.2.1 and fix crash at exit; closes #19227
(edit) @62490   10 years ryandesign sqliteman: disable universal because dependency qscintilla is not universal
(edit) @62211   10 years ryandesign Allow qt4-mac or qt4-mac-devel to satisfy the dependency; see …
(edit) @44375   11 years mcalhoun multi-port commit: To allow cmake based ports to find qt4-mac, QTDIR …
(edit) @44219   11 years mcalhoun sqliteman: Accommodate changes to qt4-mac (r44214).
(edit) @42476   11 years ricci add missing dep qscintilla, resolves #17350
(edit) @42414   11 years ricci uprev to 1.2.0, turn on use_bzip2
(edit) @34833   12 years jmr sqliteman: add missing Qt dependency. Closes #13871.
(edit) @34830   12 years jmr sqliteman: minor cleanups.
(edit) @32572   12 years ryandesign set svn:eol-style to native for all ports, per current guidelines
(add) @32473   12 years jochen new port
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