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(edit) @133638   5 years michaelld automoc: add forgotten patchfile.
(edit) @133637   5 years michaelld automoc: fix relative path to ${prefix}/bin from the install location …
(edit) @133636   5 years michaelld automoc: move cmake install files from share/cmake/Modules/automoc4 to …
(edit) @133624   5 years michaelld automoc: + fix install location of CMake files to be …
(edit) @98803   7 years mk automoc: introduce patch from …
(edit) @90460   8 years ryandesign phonon, automoc, xjump: fix gtlib.gatech server address; see #33374
(edit) @84468   8 years jmr automoc: license
(edit) @72646   9 years michaelld automoc: Fixes ticket #26932 -- remove phonon from the list of …
(edit) @72583   9 years michaelld Changes to use kde 1.1 portgroup.
(edit) @58647   10 years rmsfisher devel/automoc changed livecheck.check to livecheck.type per lint
(edit) @58646   10 years rmsfisher devel/automoc added livecheck
(edit) @53505   10 years illogic-al Allow automoc to pick correct Qt version automatically by using kde4 …
(edit) @53425   10 years illogic-al Initial try at support for KDE 4 on OS 10.4.
(edit) @52295   10 years illogic-al Use qt4-mac
(edit) @50856   11 years illogic-al Update automoc to latest stable version. Partially fulfill ticket #19570
(edit) @49454   11 years illogic-al More fixes for ticket #19217. Update kdegraphics dependencies while …
(edit) @46003   11 years illogic-al Add ${distname} to configure.args properly.
(edit) @45996   11 years illogic-al Bump revision because of dependency modification.
(edit) @45995   11 years illogic-al Simplify by using cmake portgroup and fix dependency
(edit) @45250   11 years illogic-al Obfuscate. Also add automoc as build dependency for ktorrent.
(edit) @44375   11 years mcalhoun multi-port commit: To allow cmake based ports to find qt4-mac, QTDIR …
(edit) @44257   11 years ryandesign automoc: remove unnecessary distfiles directive
(edit) @44221   11 years mcalhoun automoc: Accommodate changes to qt4-mac (r44214).
(edit) @44107   11 years illogic-al Update automoc4 to 0.9.87
(edit) @44094   11 years illogic-al Break automoc for anyone not using 1.7.0 with ${sysroot} -> …
(edit) @44091   11 years illogic-al Make lint leave me alone.
(edit) @44090   11 years illogic-al Add missing qt4-mac dependency to automoc port.
(edit) @42682   11 years illogic-al get a bit creative to avoid renaming automoc to automoc4 after distfiling.
(edit) @42680   11 years illogic-al Change description to something sensible.
(edit) @42678   11 years illogic-al Overlooked this while updating the other kde4 portfiles. With this all …
(add) @42533   11 years illogic-al The beginning of the KDE4 portfiles. This one is a part of the build …
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