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(edit) @108538   5 years sean gdb: add note about taskgated on mountain lion and later systems; …
(edit) @106262   6 years sean gdb: add python variants (#39050)
(edit) @106261   6 years sean gdb: update to 7.6 (#39165)
(edit) @99304   6 years jmr gdb: add zlib dep, set license
(edit) @99303   6 years jmr gdb: disable -Werror instead of disabling a warning with clang
(edit) @99302   6 years jmr gdb: use supported_archs instead of simulating it manually
(edit) @99301   6 years jmr gdb: don't put preprocessor flags in CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS; fixes …
(edit) @98467   6 years ryandesign gdb: use conflicts_build instead of doing it manually
(edit) @98425   6 years and.damore port gdb: removed double path separator, openmaintainer
(edit) @98404   6 years blair gdb: prevent compiler failure: do not compile if cctools-headers is …
(edit) @98401   6 years blair gdb: update to 7.5 release. Delete buggy-memset.patch since this has …
(edit) @91326   7 years jeremyhu gdb: Fix a memset bug, and build with clang
(edit) @89680   7 years jmr gdb: use muniversal (#28444)
(edit) @88366   7 years ryandesign gdb: use llvm-gcc-4.2 instead of clang; see #32161
(edit) @81846   7 years raimue devel/gdb: Add livecheck
(edit) @81783   7 years raimue devel/gdb: Update to 7.3
(edit) @80861   7 years blair gdb: following the convention of the other GNU ports, rename all the …
(edit) @80860   7 years blair gdb: whitespace fix.
(edit) @80859   7 years blair gdb: resolve #30002 by renaming fsf-gdb* to ggdb* and making links in …
(edit) @76003   8 years adfernandes devel/gdb ; trivial version bump to 7.2
(edit) @66290   9 years snc fix typo in post-destroot
(edit) @66289   9 years snc update version, #24360. block ppc[64] architecture. maintainer timeout
(edit) @51884   10 years dweber Disabling the port, due to config errors that do not stop the build …
(edit) @49061   10 years dweber Revision 1, with expat dependency, and --enable-objc-gc; see all …
(edit) @49038   10 years ryandesign gdb: remove unnecessary distname line
(edit) @49020   10 years dweber gdb: tweaks to the configure installation paths, add dependency on …
(edit) @49008   10 years raimue devel/gdb: Remove \t and \n to prevent others from a corrupt receipt, …
(add) @48998   10 years dweber first draft of a gdb macport
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