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(edit) @131981   4 years cal haskell world: revbump everything (including ghc) - Clean up remnants …
(edit) @131411   4 years cal Haskell: remove duplicate hs-binary which is now provided by GHC, fix …
(edit) @131201   4 years cal revbump all haskell ports, follows r131199, #44891
(edit) @110047   5 years cal haskell ports: revbump to make sure all ports have been built against …
(edit) @106869   5 years cal hs-zip-archive: revbump to rebuild with new GHC, format descriptions
(edit) @104556   6 years larryv hs-zip-archive: Add missing dependency on hs-mtl.
(edit) @104495   6 years larryv hs-zip-archive: Correct license; use hackageDB text for description; …
(edit) @104471   6 years larryv Revbump all ports using haskell-1.0 to make archives pick up r100403. …
(edit) @104356   6 years sean hs-zip-archive: use depends_lib-append
(edit) @104336   6 years sean hs-zip-archive: update to
(edit) @104335   6 years sean hs-zip-archive: clean up portfile
(edit) @104334   6 years sean hs-zip-archive: add modeline
(edit) @102729   6 years jmr hs-zip-archive: license
(edit) @99643   6 years singingwolfboy Dropped maintainership on all my ports I'm moving to homebrew, and I …
(edit) @75593   8 years singingwolfboy hs-zip-archive: updated to version and added hs-utf8-string …
(edit) @65347   9 years ryandesign hs-zip-archive: update to
(edit) @54964   9 years blb Drop maintainer for haskell-based ports
(edit) @45389   10 years blb Multiple ports - convert my haskell package ports to use the new …
(add) @45357   10 years blb New port - devel/hs-zip-archive, Zip archive access for Haskell
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