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(edit) @89926   6 years and.damore port luarocks: using the right compiler; version bumped
(edit) @89921   6 years and.damore port luarocks: fixes dependency check in rocks, now luarocks correctly …
(edit) @88925   6 years ryandesign luarocks: update to (#32883); noarch
(edit) @87922   6 years and.damore port luarocks: disabled parallel build and updated to 2.0.7; ticket …
(edit) @77702   7 years and.damore luarocks: added patchfile, removed unneeded commented configure option
(edit) @77431   7 years and.damore removed --force-config configure option for port luarocks, it inhibits …
(edit) @77354   7 years and.damore port luarocks: created rocks directory and added it to keepdirs
(edit) @77276   7 years and.damore port luarocks, whitespace changes only
(edit) @77275   7 years and.damore port luarocks, added openmaintainer
(edit) @77274   7 years and.damore port luarocks revision removed, shouldn't harm as this is minutes …
(edit) @77273   7 years and.damore port luarocks, long_description shortened
(edit) @77272   7 years and.damore updated luarocks port to, forced to use only mp config …
(edit) @69520   8 years jmr update openssl to 1.0.0a and rev bump dependents (#25114, maintainer …
(edit) @63216   8 years and.damore Updated luarocks to 2.0.1, ticket #23460 closed
(edit) @57984   8 years and.damore updated luarocks, changed its working directory to …
(edit) @57749   9 years ryandesign Remove "(default)" from the end of default variant descriptions …
(edit) @50980   9 years and.damore Maintainers batch change, removed
(edit) @50971   9 years and.damore Maintainers update with new handler
(edit) @40950   9 years ryandesign luarocks: fix Id tag in header
(edit) @40741   9 years andrea.damore luarocks upgraded to 1.0
(edit) @38039   10 years andrea.damore little fixes from lint report
(edit) @38029   10 years andrea.damore update to release, will keep installed rocks
(edit) @37450   10 years andrea.damore patched as per ticket no. 15550
(edit) @37439   10 years andrea.damore variants added, fixed configure options
(edit) @37067   10 years ryandesign luarocks: fix quote escaping in description
(edit) @37065   10 years andrea.damore added dependencies, a variant and fixed description
(add) @36846   10 years andrea.damore new portfile for luarocks
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