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(edit) @102857   6 years devans some more jpeg dependents: increment revision to rebuild with libjpeg.9.
(edit) @97861   7 years ryandesign abiword-x11: add libpng dependency; increase revision to rebuild with …
(edit) @96022   7 years devans abiword-x11: add license.
(edit) @95995   7 years ryandesign abiword-x11: fix 'ld: unknown option: --no-undefined' build error
(edit) @95994   7 years ryandesign abiword-x11: fix build error with glib 2.32 (#35371)
(edit) @81689   8 years jmr abiword-x11: add missing dependency on librsvg
(edit) @77689   8 years devans Increment revision to force rebuild/relink of ports (mostly GNOME …
(edit) @72962   9 years devans abiword-x11: not universal.
(edit) @71804   9 years devans abiword-x11: update to version 2.8.6, configuration, dependencies.
(edit) @57375   10 years ryandesign Change deprecated livecheck.check to livecheck.type See …
(edit) @53487   10 years devans abiword-x11: update to version 2.6.8, update dependencies, …
(edit) @52815   10 years devans abiword-x11: use ryan's even/odd regex (from cairo) for livecheck.
(edit) @52798   10 years devans abiword-x11: fix livecheck.
(edit) @44048   11 years jmr abiword-x11: update to 2.6.5
(edit) @35906   11 years mcalhoun abiword-x11: eliminate lint messages.
(edit) @35902   11 years mcalhoun abiword-x11: fix iconv problem on Leopard (fixes #13214).
(edit) @30225   12 years jmpp nomaintainer address abstraction in editors category.
(edit) @29601   12 years rhwood Add additional master_sites in case the primary is down
(edit) @28541   12 years mww replace configure.env as far as possible
(edit) @24141   12 years ryandesign Make all portfiles start with '# $Id$' and then a blank line.
(edit) @21392   13 years ryandesign macports-dev@… should not be used as a maintainer …
(edit) @20617   13 years rhwood Upgrade to version 2.4.6
(edit) @20293   13 years blair Set the svn:keywords property to 'Id' for all Portfile's. This …
(edit) @19723   13 years rhwood Reassign all ports listed as being maintained by …
(edit) @18698   13 years rhwood Bug: 7845 Submitted by: rhwood@ Reviewed by: Approved by: …
(edit) @18591   13 years rhwood Bug: NONE Submitted by: rhwood@ Reviewed by: Approved by: …
(add) @18363   13 years rhwood New port that will eventually replace port gnome/abiword2
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