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(edit) @139469   4 years jmr ncurses: update to 6.0, rev bump dependents due to new ABI
(edit) @105973   6 years ryandesign vile: fix non-universal build when MacPorts Perl is not installed by …
(edit) @105972   6 years ryandesign vile: fix build by using reflex instead of flex (#39064)
(edit) @105940   6 years ryandesign vile: whitespace and formatting changes; add modeline
(edit) @103687   6 years jmr vile: license
(edit) @96302   7 years ryandesign waqar has retired (#34717)
(edit) @80032   8 years ryandesign Remove from master_sites; it's dead and gone
(edit) @75257   8 years ryandesign Mark Waqar's ports as openmaintainer since he hasn't committed in years
(edit) @73856   9 years ryandesign vile: update to 9.8; see #27422 (maintainer timeout)
(edit) @73855   9 years ryandesign vile: add flex dependency; see #27422 (maintainer timeout)
(edit) @72212   9 years jmr vile: add missing ncurses and libiconv deps (#15573)
(edit) @50980   10 years and.damore Maintainers batch change, removed
(edit) @20293   13 years blair Set the svn:keywords property to 'Id' for all Portfile's. This …
(edit) @19466   13 years waqar Updated the email address in all my port files.
(edit) @13257   14 years toby vile 9.5
(edit) @3977   16 years jkh Fix the historical "sufx botch" by renaming it to "suffix" Reviewed …
(edit) @3583   16 years waqar Added support for embedded perl interpeter, and ncurses
(edit) @3345   16 years waqar Updated the urls for download locations, they were changed.
(add) @2532   16 years fkr Bug: #485 Submitted by: wmalik@… (Waqar Malik) …
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