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(edit) @1841   18 years jpm stick the homepage back in there.
(edit) @1840   18 years jpm contents list begone.
(edit) @1786   18 years mij Destrootify.
(edit) @1765   18 years jkh Keep extraneous files out of destroot so packaging pass doesn't …
(edit) @1763   18 years jkh Make destroot location first.
(edit) @1757   18 years jkh Destrootification.
(edit) @1694   18 years mij add homepage
(edit) @1680   18 years jkh Adhere to new *.target APIs
(edit) @1641   18 years jpm added a slash or three to please the contents gods.
(edit) @1640   18 years jkh Add a port for the latest version of xemacs.
(edit) @1603   18 years landonf 'gui' links are created even if gui support is not enabled
(edit) @1557   18 years mij Update to patchlevel 271.
(edit) @1537   18 years jpm added file mirrors (main site down) shortened description to fit in 24 …
(edit) @1528   18 years jkh Permanently retire the contents { .. } hack. Sorry. It was …
(edit) @1506   18 years fkr more long_descriptions.
(edit) @1487   18 years mij Add long_description.
(edit) @1469   18 years jpm away with the mutant stable/unstable pattern in favour of main being …
(edit) @1371   18 years mij Add a missing \ that was breaking portindex.
(edit) @1369   18 years mij Update to patchlevel 262, and take over maintainership at landonf's …
(edit) @1359   18 years mij Nuke the contents list from the checksums file and use the one from …
(edit) @1352   18 years landonf Add contents list from Jim Mock <mij@…>
(edit) @1343   18 years jpm removing my umich mirror references…
(edit) @1193   18 years jpm added a version to main so port search and the www interface properly …
(edit) @1129   18 years jkh Allow devel variant to be separate from carbon variant, allowing …
(edit) @1113   18 years jpm after some discussion with kevin and michael, i have re-implemented …
(edit) @1097   18 years eric Add joe. Submitted by: Achim Patzner <ap@…>
(edit) @1094   18 years jpm initial import of a tight little gnu gpl'ed pico replacement, also …
(edit) @1011   18 years jkh Adjust version.
(edit) @1010   18 years jkh One small tweak to the prefix used.
(edit) @1005   18 years jkh Stick in +carbon case into /Applications, to conform to user …
(edit) @1000   18 years jkh Make the carbon variant of emacs work. Submitted by: Sean Eric Fagan …
(edit) @990   18 years jkh Beginning of carbon variant.
(edit) @988   18 years jkh Add the beginnings of a macosx variant.
(edit) @960   18 years jkh 1. rename portname to name (externally) and portversion to version …
(edit) @850   18 years eric Update and clean up requirement statements.
(edit) @808   18 years landonf Remove quotes, update index
(edit) @674   18 years jkh Try not to smoke so much crack with this contents file.
(edit) @673   18 years jkh Add emacs-21.2.
(edit) @623   18 years landonf Forced commit. The last commit message should read: Upgrade vim to …
(edit) @622   18 years landonf Upgrade vim to patchlevel 174444
(edit) @600   18 years landonf Remove quotes used to group software descriptions. Individual …
(edit) @521   18 years landonf Add commands/command procedures. Implement standardization of command …
(edit) @490   18 years landonf I'll own the vim port
(edit) @488   18 years kevin blast configure.args and put include at end of file.
(edit) @487   18 years kevin Added X11 variant support.
(edit) @463   18 years jkh Break checksums out into an include file
(edit) @457   18 years landonf Add vim contents list
(edit) @425   18 years landonf Use autoconf directive
(edit) @406   18 years landonf remove 'bad' patches
(edit) @404   18 years landonf Clean up Portfile a tad Add autoconf fix
(edit) @388   18 years landonf Add all applicable vim patches
(edit) @343   18 years jkh Add description lines for all ports
(edit) @333   18 years jkh Remove all the Makefiles - BSD make has issues with volume names with …
(edit) @330   18 years jkh Make patchfiles work correctly.
(edit) @329   18 years landonf Start of vim portfile, checked in so jordan can take a look at brokenness
(edit) @291   18 years jkh Add Makefiles
(edit) @110   18 years jkh Use new configure option
(edit) @82   18 years landonf use the correct worksrcdir
(add) @81   18 years jkh This is a work-in-progress but a useful place-holder as I work on …
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