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(edit) @11129   15 years toby At last, my plan for world domination can proceed!
(edit) @11128   15 years mww add missing distfiles, assign maintainership to darwinports@
(edit) @11120   15 years mww kill nonsense categories and make fortune incl. all cookies by …
(edit) @8540   15 years mww Bug: #2239 Submitted by: toby@… Reviewed by: …
(edit) @7615   15 years mww add missing md5 checksums; replace system with file copy, xinstall
(edit) @6906   16 years rshaw Patch to remove unneeded chdir. Bug: 1764 Submitted by: …
(edit) @4811   16 years toby master_sites opendarwin foobage. Bug: Submitted by: Reviewed by: …
(edit) @4311   16 years mww incremented revision to '1' as manpage location changed
(edit) @4310   16 years mww Bug: #963 Submitted by: mww@ removes need for beeing …
(edit) @3233   16 years fkr Bug: #778 Submitted by: charlie@… (Charlie …
(edit) @3173   16 years jkh Mass-merge of destroot target changes. Before committing this, I also …
(edit) @2401   17 years eric Intoduce additional datfiles as variants. This brings up a large …
(edit) @2123   17 years mij Add CVS Id tags.
(edit) @2071   17 years michaelm updated to use correct url for new opendarwin distfiles virtual host
(edit) @1916   17 years michaelm man pages in a better place
(edit) @1912   17 years michaelm install destroot
(edit) @1202   17 years eric Explicitly list darwin as the one and only platform when no platforms …
(edit) @1144   17 years eric Move distfiles.
(edit) @1054   17 years eric Fix dependancy issues.
(edit) @1022   17 years eric Make use of existing patches instead of using reinplace.
(edit) @1020   17 years eric Compress man pages, and indent a continued line.
(edit) @1003   17 years eric Prefer bzip2.
(add) @1002   17 years eric Add fortune.
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