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(edit) @95190   7 years ryandesign qgis: don't overwrite the portgroups' build dependencies
(edit) @95188   7 years vince Also add cmake as a build dependency.
(edit) @95186   7 years vince Add bison as a build dependency
(edit) @95167   7 years vince Bump to 1.8.0, delete obsolete patches and add one to workaround a …
(edit) @93207   8 years vince Make PostGIS 2.0 default and fixes a conflict between default_variants.
(edit) @92466   8 years vince Makes both postgis variants conflict
(edit) @92465   8 years vince Add a new variant for PostGIS 2.0
(edit) @91416   8 years vince Fixes some issues: 1. Makes default variant conditional (as per …
(edit) @91397   8 years vince Makes the port compile without any variant by defaulting to postgresql91
(edit) @91395   8 years vince Further improvements (conflicts, detection of configuration errors…)
(edit) @91391   8 years vince Add explicit variants to choose between postgresql90 and postgresql91 …
(edit) @91389   8 years vince Bump to 1.7.4 and hopefully solves a lot of issues
(edit) @87360   8 years jmr qgis: fix typo
(edit) @87359   8 years jmr qgis: fix parse failure by deferring check for postgresql
(edit) @87346   8 years vince qgis: Remove some python ugly stuff and set python27 and postgis …
(edit) @87345   8 years vince Bumps to version 1.7; I cannot get a build with spatialite enabled, so …
(edit) @84512   8 years snc modelines
(edit) @76852   9 years vince Add several tweaks to make the Portfile more compliant to accepted …
(edit) @76805   9 years vince Solves some bugs: - It is now possible to build against a python …
(edit) @76686   9 years vince This commit fixes four bugs: 1. Bug when selected python version was …
(edit) @74171   9 years vince Remove a no-more-needeed patchfile
(edit) @74170   9 years vince Bump to version 1.6
(edit) @72611   9 years michaelld Removed redundant dependency on cmake.
(edit) @72594   9 years michaelld Changes to use qt4 portgroup.
(edit) @69520   9 years jmr update openssl to 1.0.0a and rev bump dependents (#25114, maintainer …
(edit) @69244   9 years michaelld Correct use of qt4-mac files.
(edit) @67650   10 years vince
(edit) @67649   10 years vince Ticket #24455
(edit) @67606   10 years vince Correction of some bugs, it works fine now
(edit) @60454   10 years ryandesign Set svn:keywords to Id per current guidelines
(edit) @60452   10 years ryandesign Set svn:eol-style to native per current guidelines
(edit) @59216   10 years vince Corrects a small bug (Python2.6 instead of Python${Pyverpath})
(add) @58998   10 years vince Initial commit
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