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(edit) @142708   4 years devans alacarte: depend on gnome-themes-standard rather than …
(edit) @134962   5 years devans intltool dependents already updated for intltool 0.51: change …
(edit) @134679   5 years devans alacarte: add missing build dependencies to fix build.
(edit) @134641   5 years devans alacarte: reconfigure using for intltool 0.51 compatibility.
(edit) @127707   5 years devans alacarte: drop python variants, use python27, no python3 support.
(edit) @119006   6 years devans alacarte: add missing build deps, use verbose build for debugging.
(edit) @118884   6 years devans alacarte: update to version 3.12.0.
(edit) @117721   6 years devans alacarte: update patchfiles, reconfigure with our intltool.m4 to fix …
(edit) @115644   6 years cal gtk3-devel: delete by reverting r115615, see #42040 for rationale and …
(edit) @115615   6 years cal add gtk3-devel port at the request of devans, rewrite dependencies to …
(edit) @113247   6 years devans alacarte: merge version 3.10.0 from GNOME-3 test branch.
(edit) @108205   6 years ryandesign alacarte: use double-quoted string for notes so that variables get expanded
(edit) @108201   6 years devans alacarte: add runtime dependencies, notes concerning required …
(edit) @107975   6 years devans alacarte: update desktop database post activate, dependencies.
(edit) @104944   7 years devans gnome ports (many but not all): switch to gnome livecheck types.
(edit) @100337   7 years g5pw multiple: fix py-pygtk dependencies and revbump.
(edit) @87619   8 years devans alacarte: corrent license, noarch.
(edit) @86220   8 years devans alacarte: correct patch-configure.diff to correctly configure Python …
(edit) @85237   8 years devans alacarte: add license.
(edit) @80080   8 years jeremyhu gnome/*: Add variants to choose between python versions (2.5, 2.6, and 2.7)
(edit) @72694   9 years devans alacarte: now builds universal.
(edit) @72322   9 years devans various ports: ensure that ports that install hicolor icons also …
(edit) @71819   9 years devans various GNOME ports: not universal, update comments.
(edit) @71818   9 years devans gnome: update top-level meta port to version 2.30.2, add notes.
(edit) @71759   9 years devans various gnome ports: not universal due to dependencies
(edit) @71526   9 years devans alacarte: update to version 0.13.2.
(edit) @71477   9 years devans alacarte: update to version 0.13.1, fix python26 configuration.
(edit) @59057   10 years devans alacarte: revert to GNOME 2.26 compatible version 0.12.1 for now.
(edit) @58910   10 years devans alacarte: update to version 0.12.4.
(edit) @58908   10 years devans gstreamer, gst-plugins-base: update to version 0.10.25.
(edit) @57375   10 years ryandesign Change deprecated livecheck.check to livecheck.type See …
(edit) @52449   10 years devans alacarte: configure with python26.
(add) @52448   10 years devans new port alacarte: a compliant menu editor for GNOME.
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