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(edit) @121926   5 years mojca gnome-sharp2: whitespace only
(edit) @121925   5 years mojca gnome-sharp2: remove legacy variant no_x11 (#39383)
(edit) @115458   6 years mojca gnome-sharp2: modify error text to point users to gtk2 +quartz instead …
(edit) @115235   6 years devans various ports: rebuild to remove references to libpng15.
(edit) @107664   6 years devans gnome-sharp2: update to version 2.24.2, dependencies, switch to gnome …
(edit) @107330   6 years devans gnome-sharp2: rebuild to remove references to libeggdbus.
(edit) @107104   6 years devans gnome-sharp2: add +x11 default variant, dummy +no_x11 remains for …
(edit) @106601   7 years devans various gnome ports that reverence libicu*.49: increment revision to …
(edit) @105912   7 years devans gnome-sharp2: white space only.
(edit) @105564   7 years jeremyhu gnome-sharp2: Don't build parallel as it can lead to build failures
(edit) @104937   7 years devans gnome-sharp2: rebuild to remove references to libaudiofile.
(edit) @97615   7 years devans gnome-sharp: lint, add description for +no_x11 variant.
(edit) @97526   7 years devans gnome-desktop-suite: increment revision on ports that retain links to …
(edit) @96657   7 years devans gnome-sharp2: update homepage, master_sites, livecheck.
(edit) @96649   7 years jmr gnome-sharp2: license
(edit) @91941   8 years jeremyhu gnome-sharp2: Bump to 2.24.1 to fix build
(edit) @86297   8 years ryandesign gnome-sharp2: disable universal variant
(edit) @85924   8 years jmr gnome-sharp2: add pkgconfig dep
(edit) @85911   8 years jmr remove 32-bit supported_archs from mono dependents now that mono …
(edit) @73202   9 years jmr set supported_archs in ports depending on mono
(edit) @69969   9 years nox Relinquish maintainership of various ports
(edit) @57375   10 years ryandesign Change deprecated livecheck.check to livecheck.type See …
(edit) @52551   10 years devans gnome-sharp2: remove description from global variant no_x11 as …
(edit) @52546   10 years devans gnome-sharp2: add missing dependency on gtk-sharp2.
(edit) @41859   11 years nox gnome-sharp2: * Fixed dependencies. * Disabled sample schemas …
(copy) @41481   11 years nox gnome-sharp2: Moved in its own folder.
copied from trunk/dports/gnome/gnome-sharp:
(edit) @40357   11 years macsforever2000 Updated to version 2.20.0. Removed patch …
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