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(edit) @132109   5 years devans libunique: use gobject_introspection portgroup.
(edit) @121928   5 years mojca libunique: whitespace, add sha256
(edit) @121927   5 years mojca libunique: remove legacy variant no_x11 (#39383)
(edit) @116636   6 years devans libunique, libunique3: update homepage.
(edit) @115045   6 years devans libunique: rebuild to remove references to libpng15.
(edit) @111263   6 years devans libunique: restrict livecheck to libunique-1 versions.
(edit) @107051   6 years devans libunique: add +x11 default variant, dummy +no_x11 remains for legacy …
(edit) @106601   6 years devans various gnome ports that reverence libicu*.49: increment revision to …
(edit) @105783   6 years devans libunique: white space only.
(edit) @104944   7 years devans gnome ports (many but not all): switch to gnome livecheck types.
(edit) @104803   7 years jeremyhu libunique: Enable support for gobject-introspection
(edit) @97408   7 years devans libunique: add description for +no_x11 variant.
(edit) @97390   7 years dports revbumps for many ports that depend indirectly against libpng and link …
(edit) @93888   7 years dports revbump some more ports that link against libffi (see r93823)
(edit) @87588   8 years dports libunique: backport upstream fix to eliminate G_CONST_RETURN for glib …
(edit) @83240   8 years dports libunique: license
(edit) @75193   9 years dports Revbump a pile of other ports that indirectly depend on libpng
(edit) @72059   9 years devans libunique: explicitly disable GObject introspection to avoid …
(edit) @66474   10 years devans libunique: update to version 1.1.6, update configuration, …
(edit) @57375   10 years ryandesign Change deprecated livecheck.check to livecheck.type See …
(copy) @48531   11 years devans move recently committed port gnome/unique to gnome/libunique to be …
copied from trunk/dports/gnome/unique:
(add) @47365   11 years devans new port unique: a library for writing single instance applications.
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