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(edit) @146517   5 years raimue Mass rev-bump dependents of port openssl due to ABI change Disabling …
(edit) @139229   5 years jeremyhu misc: Change port:openssl dependency to path:lib/libssl.dylib:openssl …
(edit) @93824   8 years rmstonecipher ref r93823, increased revision of 32 dependents
(edit) @84710   9 years jmr gnustep-base: license
(edit) @73866   10 years and.damore whitespaces change gnustep-base
(edit) @69520   10 years jmr update openssl to 1.0.0a and rev bump dependents (#25114, maintainer …
(edit) @61469   11 years ryandesign Indicate that all GNUstep ports (probably) violate the mtree; closes #16383
(edit) @57750   11 years ryandesign gnustep-base: fix variant description issue
(edit) @57749   11 years ryandesign Remove "(default)" from the end of default variant descriptions …
(edit) @54009   11 years and.damore Forgotten patchfile.
(edit) @53602   11 years and.damore GNUstep core (make, base, gui, back) updated, remember to install …
(edit) @45045   12 years jmr gnustep-base: update to 1.18.0
(edit) @43917   12 years jeremyhu gnustep-base: not universal since it uses gcc-mp-4.2
(edit) @38289   12 years ryandesign Undo r38082 because the affected ports are in the xcode, gnustep, …
(edit) @38082   12 years ryandesign nomaintainer and openmaintainer ports: remove "use_configure yes" …
(edit) @32266   13 years ryandesign gnustep-base: indicate that we intend to violate the mtree layout …
(edit) @32265   13 years ryandesign gnustep-base: use ffi by default now instead of ffcall because ffcall …
(edit) @32264   13 years ryandesign gnustep-base: no longer use deprecated cd command
(edit) @30229   13 years jmpp nomaintainer address abstraction in gnustep category.
(edit) @27243   13 years yves use return instead of exit
(edit) @27115   13 years yves No more maintainer for gnustep
(edit) @26263   13 years yves This is gnustep-make-2.0 and friends
(edit) @22988   14 years yves GNustep base now uses ffcall on ppc as suggested by W. Lux.
(edit) @21622   14 years yves New md5
(edit) @21575   14 years yves gnustep base 1.13.1
(edit) @20307   14 years blair Set the svn:keywords property to 'Id' for all Portfile's. This …
(edit) @19697   14 years yves Versions upgrades and lots of new ports
(add) @17783   14 years yves Bug: 8139 gnustep-base
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