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(edit) @84709   9 years jmr gnustep-make: license, installs_libs no
(edit) @73713   10 years jmr gnustep-make: update to 2.4.0
(edit) @73712   10 years jmr gnustep-make: use notes
(edit) @73711   10 years jmr gnustep-make: match gnustep portgroup's compiler selection
(edit) @70583   10 years ryandesign use supported_archs unconditionally, since MacPorts 1.9 has been out …
(edit) @66284   10 years ryandesign gnustep-make is noarch
(edit) @61474   11 years ryandesign gnustep-make: put back destroot.violate_mtree because this doesn't use …
(edit) @61469   11 years ryandesign Indicate that all GNUstep ports (probably) violate the mtree; closes #16383
(edit) @61049   11 years jmr gnustep-make: set configure.compiler correctly (#22729)
(edit) @53602   11 years and.damore GNUstep core (make, base, gui, back) updated, remember to install …
(edit) @50572   11 years jeremyhu All ports: Remove reference to $x11prefix Now that the X11 libs are …
(edit) @45046   12 years jmr gnustep-make: don't use flat namespace (no rev bump, in before the index)
(edit) @45044   12 years jmr gnustep-make: update to 2.0.8
(edit) @44284   12 years ryandesign gnustep-make: gnustep_layout should only be automatically selected if …
(edit) @43915   12 years jeremyhu gnustep-make: not universal... fixed gcc dependency to run
(edit) @40990   12 years afb delint (#16895)
(edit) @39577   12 years ryandesign gnustep-make: change dist_subdir so those who had the old distfile pre …
(edit) @35060   12 years jmr gnustep-make: new checksums due to stealth update. (New tar.gz file …
(edit) @32293   13 years ryandesign gnustep-make: indicate that violation of the mtree is intentional
(edit) @30229   13 years jmpp nomaintainer address abstraction in gnustep category.
(edit) @27115   13 years yves No more maintainer for gnustep
(edit) @26876   13 years yves Remove portgroup since it is now included in MacPorts 1.5
(edit) @26292   13 years yves Fix the post-install phase
(edit) @26263   13 years yves This is gnustep-make-2.0 and friends
(edit) @22028   14 years yves Better documentation patch
(edit) @21482   14 years eridius Massive update to svn properties on files: All patchfiles have …
(edit) @20307   14 years blair Set the svn:keywords property to 'Id' for all Portfile's. This …
(edit) @19697   14 years yves Versions upgrades and lots of new ports
(edit) @19051   14 years yeled back out change i made by mistake, and without consultation.
(edit) @19050   14 years yeled :retab all at once.
(edit) @19036   14 years yves Bug: Submitted by: Reviewed by: Approved by: Obtained from: a little …
(edit) @17781   14 years yves Bug: 8139 Embeded gnustep !
(add) @17763   14 years yves Bug: 8139 Submitted by: Reviewed by: Approved by: Obtained from: New …
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