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(edit) @103429   6 years blair maven3: new upstream 3.0.5 security release; closes #38199. Patch by: …
(edit) @103428   6 years blair maven3: fix master_sites. Patch by: ciserlohn
(edit) @103427   6 years blair maven3: set supported_archs to noarch. Patch by: ciserlohn
(edit) @103426   6 years blair maven3: make java only a runtime dependency not a build time …
(edit) @103425   6 years blair maven3: switch from setting build.cmd to true to using an empty build …
(edit) @95479   7 years blair maven*: add license.
(edit) @95476   7 years blair maven{2,3}: whitespace changes: move to 4-space indentation.
(edit) @89279   7 years blair maven3: new upstream 3.0.4 release.
(edit) @84550   8 years snc modelines
(edit) @79255   8 years jmr update maven ports to recommend 'port select' (see #27946)
(edit) @77366   8 years blair maven3: new upstream 3.0.3 release.
(edit) @75116   8 years blair Add "maven_select" functionality to the maven3 port. Resolves #27947.
(edit) @75114   8 years blair Trim trailing whitespace.
(edit) @75108   8 years blair Use a more restrictive livecheck regex to match only Maven 3 releases. …
(edit) @75065   8 years blair New upstream 3.0.2 release. Closes #27944.
(edit) @74022   9 years blair New upstream 3.0.1 release of maven.
(edit) @72311   9 years blair Set and use ${mavendir} to make the port shorter and easier to read.
(edit) @72310   9 years blair Reduce permissions on some files and directories. Partially resolves …
(copy) @72281   9 years blair New maven3 port based off the maven2 port. We can relink the …
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(edit) @72280   9 years blair maven2: More whitespace cleanup; I thought I got all tabs.
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