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(edit) @70228   9 years ryandesign amarok: disable universal variant
(edit) @69734   9 years michaelld Remove unnecessary patchfile. Added build dependency on pkg-config …
(edit) @69497   9 years michaelld Hopeful fix for ticket #25489 (and, probably, others). Patch …
(edit) @69350   9 years michaelld Reinstated patch file to correct compilation on 10.6 x86_64.
(edit) @69263   9 years michaelld Bump to 2.3.1 . Fixed header file "Phonon" -> "phonon". Fixed use of …
(edit) @61914   10 years ryandesign amarok, amarok-devel: fix mysql5 dependency specification and add …
(edit) @61913   10 years ryandesign amarok, amarok-devel: fix description
(edit) @61537   10 years illogic-al For ticket #22879. Switch to mysql5 from mysql5-devel.
(edit) @59309   10 years sharky amarok: fix compilation error due to missing cast
(edit) @58599   10 years illogic-al Introducing Amarok 2.2.0 for OS X. It sucks less. Use it.
(edit) @52570   10 years illogic-al Fix problem which caused improper linking of liblastfm. Update ports …
(edit) @52508   10 years illogic-al Bump the dependencies
(edit) @52507   10 years illogic-al Update stable to 2.1.1.
(edit) @47748   10 years illogic-al Fix for ticket #18741
(edit) @46591   11 years snc fix depends_lib for kdebase4-runtime
(edit) @46589   11 years illogic-al Use kde4 portgroup. Update some dependencies.
(edit) @45250   11 years illogic-al Obfuscate. Also add automoc as build dependency for ktorrent.
(edit) @45241   11 years illogic-al Update amarok to
(edit) @44843   11 years illogic-al OBFUSCATE! One down bunches to go.
(edit) @44842   11 years illogic-al Move mysql5-devel check to pre-configure.
(edit) @44841   11 years illogic-al Make compile with gcc-4.2. Add info on how to build mysql5-devel properly.
(edit) @44640   11 years illogic-al Rejoice! temporary fix for amarok and ktorrent port compilation …
(edit) @44387   11 years illogic-al Revert qt detection part of last commit and use mcalhoun's fix.
(edit) @44386   11 years illogic-al Brute force treatment of breakage caused by new qt4-mac. Also update …
(edit) @44258   11 years ryandesign akonadi, amarok, amarok-devel, kdebase4, kdebase4-devel, …
(edit) @44111   11 years illogic-al Finally update to 2.0 and respect universal settings in macports.conf
(edit) @42616   11 years illogic-al Update portfiles to a) use ${prefix} b) use distfiles and checksums c) …
(edit) @42554   11 years blb kde/amarok - fix categories and dependency issue
(add) @42547   11 years illogic-al New portfile amarok 2. just in time for rc1 ;-) kde4++
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