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(edit) @52299   10 years illogic-al Update to 4.2.4. Drop maintainership. Other misc. cleanups.
(edit) @49356   11 years jeremyhu kdenetwork4: Make speex dependency path: based to allow speex-devel.
(edit) @46791   11 years illogic-al Fix jabber compilation issues. Fixes ticket #18057.
(edit) @46610   11 years illogic-al Add dependency on meanwhile, and mark no_kopete and jabber variants as …
(edit) @46599   11 years blb kde/kdenetwork4 - fix incorrect depspec, missing port:
(edit) @46595   11 years illogic-al "Fix" compilation with kopete.
(edit) @46076   11 years illogic-al Disable kopete until I figure out what's going on.
(edit) @46073   11 years illogic-al Provide correct Portfile, not WIP.
(edit) @46056   11 years illogic-al It's late, I'm tired, Here you go. KDE 4.2 portfiles.
(edit) @45550   11 years illogic-al Update to KDE 4.1.4
(edit) @45250   11 years illogic-al Obfuscate. Also add automoc as build dependency for ktorrent.
(edit) @44387   11 years illogic-al Revert qt detection part of last commit and use mcalhoun's fix.
(edit) @44386   11 years illogic-al Brute force treatment of breakage caused by new qt4-mac. Also update …
(edit) @44259   11 years ryandesign cclient, kdemultimedia4, kdenetwork4, kdesdk4, ktorrent, paq8, …
(edit) @44258   11 years ryandesign akonadi, amarok, amarok-devel, kdebase4, kdebase4-devel, …
(edit) @42616   11 years illogic-al Update portfiles to a) use ${prefix} b) use distfiles and checksums c) …
(add) @42545   11 years illogic-al Massive dump of new portfiles. As much of KDE4 as I could compile. …
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