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(edit) @52570   11 years illogic-al Fix problem which caused improper linking of liblastfm. Update ports …
(edit) @52518   11 years illogic-al Death to the cross compile! We'll now have a moment of silence.
(edit) @52516   11 years illogic-al Don't know why but /opt/local/bin/gmake is required for build. Instead …
(edit) @52508   11 years illogic-al Bump the dependencies
(edit) @52507   11 years illogic-al Update stable to 2.1.1.
(edit) @52458   11 years toby hack port to work on trunk, although this is still very wrong
(edit) @52457   11 years illogic-al Return illogic-al's post-configure section. See what I did there? …
(edit) @52453   11 years illogic-al Update
(edit) @52399   11 years illogic-al Fix ticket #19959.
(edit) @52330   11 years toby fix whitespace
(edit) @52329   11 years toby Remove illogical post-configure section (see what I did there?)
(edit) @52314   11 years illogic-al Update to 2.2-SVN
(edit) @52299   11 years illogic-al Update to 4.2.4. Drop maintainership. Other misc. cleanups.
(edit) @52298   11 years illogic-al Update to 4.2.4. Drop maintainership. Cleanup kdepim variant mess.
(edit) @52297   11 years illogic-al Update to 4.2.4 to fix distfile disappearance. Should fix tickets …
(edit) @52296   11 years illogic-al Update to 4.2.4, drop maintainership.
(edit) @51681   11 years jmr kdelibs3: build against macports X11
(edit) @50964   11 years takanori kdebase3: force building against MP's X11 libraries (again!)
(edit) @50945   11 years takanori kdenetwork3: - Add a dependency on xorg-libXxf86vm. - Increase …
(edit) @50944   11 years takanori kdebase3: - Add dependencies on (MP's) xorg-libXtst and …
(edit) @50918   11 years devans various poppler dependents: increment revision to force rebuild …
(edit) @50407   11 years takanori kdebase3: allow building on PureDarwin (#16842)
(edit) @50045   12 years takanori KDE 3.5.10
(edit) @49965   12 years takanori kde3: use ${} instead of calling [build_getmakejobs]
(edit) @49908   12 years jonas new port: Krusader: kde twinpanel file manager
(edit) @49454   12 years illogic-al More fixes for ticket #19217. Update kdegraphics dependencies while …
(edit) @49365   12 years illogic-al Build with correct version of qt for kde4. Remove aspell as variant option.
(edit) @49356   12 years jeremyhu kdenetwork4: Make speex dependency path: based to allow speex-devel.
(edit) @48663   12 years illogic-al Move to qt4-kde. Fixes #18960.
(edit) @47839   12 years illogic-al Update koffice the latest beta7 release. Move to using kde4 portgroup. …
(edit) @47748   12 years illogic-al Fix for ticket #18741
(edit) @47416   12 years jeremyhu kdelibs3: Updated X11 dependencies.
(edit) @47213   12 years illogic-al Version bump to 3.2
(edit) @46791   12 years illogic-al Fix jabber compilation issues. Fixes ticket #18057.
(edit) @46764   12 years illogic-al Add proper rcs line
(edit) @46763   12 years illogic-al Re-add new port choqok. The "alias" part is actually required. >_<
(edit) @46761   12 years illogic-al It compiles, but doesn't actually work though. Remove till it does.
(edit) @46760   12 years illogic-al New port choqok
(edit) @46678   12 years illogic-al Makeitbuild. I cheated by disabling some kresource named …
(edit) @46673   12 years illogic-al Update dependencies. Bump rev. Migrate to KDE4 dir.
(edit) @46610   12 years illogic-al Add dependency on meanwhile, and mark no_kopete and jabber variants as …
(edit) @46603   12 years illogic-al Remove since 4.2.0 is out now. The non -devel versions are more recent
(edit) @46599   12 years blb kde/kdenetwork4 - fix incorrect depspec, missing port:
(edit) @46595   12 years illogic-al "Fix" compilation with kopete.
(edit) @46591   12 years snc fix depends_lib for kdebase4-runtime
(edit) @46589   12 years illogic-al Use kde4 portgroup. Update some dependencies.
(edit) @46400   12 years illogic-al Delete eigen2-devel since stable 2.0 version is out. Add and use …
(edit) @46397   12 years illogic-al Make compile. Fix ticket #18130.
(edit) @46180   12 years illogic-al Add dependencies and patch to make it compile.
(edit) @46094   12 years illogic-al Increase visibility of message and make it global
(edit) @46083   12 years illogic-al Use kde4 portgroup, add test for libmysqld.a and use taglib from svn …
(edit) @46081   12 years illogic-al Add message with workaround for a curious bug.
(edit) @46076   12 years illogic-al Disable kopete until I figure out what's going on.
(edit) @46073   12 years illogic-al Provide correct Portfile, not WIP.
(edit) @46072   12 years illogic-al The "make it build" commit
(edit) @46070   12 years illogic-al Commit fix for stupid mistake. Build dragon by default, remove silly …
(edit) @46059   12 years illogic-al Fix portfile
(edit) @46056   12 years illogic-al It's late, I'm tired, Here you go. KDE 4.2 portfiles.
(edit) @45714   12 years toby fix syntax error from r45712
(edit) @45712   12 years illogic-al DragonPlayer doesn't support OS X. Disable building. Fixes ticket #18072
(edit) @45705   12 years illogic-al Update dependencies for more kalzium-foo.
(edit) @45702   12 years illogic-al For sanity's sake keep all kde config files in the same place. bye-bye …
(edit) @45698   12 years illogic-al Fix installation breakage caused by move to ${applications_dir}.
(edit) @45693   12 years illogic-al Camp KDE presents: New port koffice2 beta5! Enjoy.
(edit) @45652   12 years illogic-al This is the way we find Qt, find Qt, find Qt. This is the we find Qt …
(edit) @45624   12 years illogic-al Fix ticket #18080
(edit) @45620   12 years illogic-al Install programs to ${applications_dir}. When people upgrade crap will …
(edit) @45603   12 years jeremyhu x11 dependent ports: Force port: based X11 dependencies As mentioned …
(edit) @45596   12 years illogic-al Fix stupid mistake. Add checksum.
(edit) @45583   12 years illogic-al Add new port
(edit) @45582   12 years illogic-al Update kdebase4-runtime too and provide full dependencies for …
(edit) @45552   12 years illogic-al Get rid of unnecessary patch now.
(edit) @45551   12 years illogic-al Update existing KDE 4.2 ports to RC1 and add a few more.
(edit) @45550   12 years illogic-al Update to KDE 4.1.4
(edit) @45519   12 years ryandesign amarok-devel: increase revision so everyone gets the change from r45518
(edit) @45518   12 years illogic-al Update svn The revision should also have been incremented. This was …
(edit) @45250   12 years illogic-al Obfuscate. Also add automoc as build dependency for ktorrent.
(edit) @45241   12 years illogic-al Update amarok to
(edit) @45216   12 years ryandesign kdelibs3: pkgconfig is a build dependency, not a library dependency
(edit) @45183   12 years mcalhoun kdelibs3: Change perl dependency from port:perl5.8 to path:bin/perl …
(edit) @44843   12 years illogic-al OBFUSCATE! One down bunches to go.
(edit) @44842   12 years illogic-al Move mysql5-devel check to pre-configure.
(edit) @44841   12 years illogic-al Make compile with gcc-4.2. Add info on how to build mysql5-devel properly.
(edit) @44640   12 years illogic-al Rejoice! temporary fix for amarok and ktorrent port compilation …
(edit) @44523   12 years illogic-al Make compile
(edit) @44396   12 years illogic-al Add missing dependency to ktorrent portfile
(edit) @44387   12 years illogic-al Revert qt detection part of last commit and use mcalhoun's fix.
(edit) @44386   12 years illogic-al Brute force treatment of breakage caused by new qt4-mac. Also update …
(edit) @44385   12 years illogic-al Allow compilation with new qt4-mac port.
(edit) @44375   12 years mcalhoun multi-port commit: To allow cmake based ports to find qt4-mac, QTDIR …
(edit) @44358   12 years illogic-al bump revision on kdepimlibs4-devel because of new dependency.
(edit) @44354   12 years illogic-al Added libical dependency. Fix for ticket #17782.
(edit) @44309   12 years illogic-al Make the patch patch. Now patching kdelibs works.
(edit) @44299   12 years illogic-al As Daft Punk says, "One More Time!"
(edit) @44298   12 years illogic-al amarok 2 svn version bump
(edit) @44273   12 years illogic-al Unbreak Portfile. Attempt at fixing #17758. Can't test yet, still at …
(edit) @44262   12 years ryandesign kdetoys4, kdeutils4, tripwire: remove unnecessary distfiles directives
(edit) @44260   12 years ryandesign disktype, kdetoys4, kdeutils4: don't override default universal …
(edit) @44259   12 years ryandesign cclient, kdemultimedia4, kdenetwork4, kdesdk4, ktorrent, paq8, …
(edit) @44258   12 years ryandesign akonadi, amarok, amarok-devel, kdebase4, kdebase4-devel, …
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