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(edit) @107760   6 years jeremyhu apple-gcc40: Drop support with Mavericks
(edit) @101433   7 years jeremyhu apple-gcc40: Fix some build failures by forcing gnu89
(edit) @95214   7 years mww apple-gcc40: add license
(edit) @91174   8 years jeremyhu apple-gcc40: Bump to 5494 This was the last gcc-4.0 release from …
(edit) @87124   8 years royliu apple-gcc40: change the behavior of the isysroot option; analogous to …
(edit) @80127   8 years jeremyhu apple-gcc40: Updated to version 5493
(edit) @61327   10 years mww drop maintainership
(edit) @57375   10 years ryandesign Change deprecated livecheck.check to livecheck.type See …
(edit) @33441   12 years ryandesign For all ports, remove configure.compiler gcc-4.0 from all `platform …
(edit) @31893   12 years mww version 5465
(edit) @30167   12 years mww use maintainer address w/o
(edit) @29790   12 years ryandesign Set svn:eol-style of all portfiles to native as per current requirements
(edit) @29789   12 years ryandesign Set svn:keywords of all portfiles to Id as per current requirements
(edit) @29231   12 years mww try moddate for livecheck
(add) @28311   12 years mww new port lang/apple-gcc40
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