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(edit) @112897   6 years jeremyhu dragonegg-3.3: Revbump dragonegg-3.3-gcc-4.8 due to gcc48 bump
(edit) @111029   6 years larryv dragonegg-3.{3,4}*: Pass -stdlib to build, if necessary (timeout, #40394).
(edit) @110805   6 years jeremyhu gcc*: Fix runtime linking and install info files (#36629)
(edit) @110503   6 years jeremyhu dragonegg*: Add missing CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS to CC and CXX
(edit) @109291   6 years jeremyhu gcc*: Add libgcc{,45,-devel} subports to replace libstdcxx{,-devel} …
(edit) @108870   6 years jeremyhu multiple: Remove compiler dependency block that is not needed with …
(edit) @108375   6 years jeremyhu dragonegg-*: Name select file consistently with how it was prior to …
(edit) @108371   6 years jeremyhu dragonegg-3.{3,4}: Install integrated-as.specs and rename plugin for …
(edit) @107759   6 years jeremyhu dragonegg-3.[34]: Use subports to provide the plugin for multiple gcc …
(edit) @107462   6 years jeremyhu cloog: Bump to 0.18 and revbump dependents
(edit) @107451   6 years jeremyhu {clang,dragonegg,llvm}-3.3: Bump to final release version (#39520)
(edit) @105491   6 years larryv {llvm,clang,dragonegg}-3.3: Update to LLVM trunk r180025 (#38877).
(edit) @105290   7 years jeremyhu {clang,dragonegg,llvm}-3.3: Bump to r179575
(edit) @104037   7 years larryv dragonegg-*: Use capitalization from website (
(edit) @102174   7 years jeremyhu misc: Update compiler dependency workaround for #32542, see #37817
(edit) @102104   7 years jeremyhu dragonegg*: Use compiler.blacklist
(edit) @101988   7 years jeremyhu {dragonegg,clang,llvm}: Bump to r173279 to address SL build failure.
(edit) @101965   7 years jeremyhu {clang,dragonegg,llvm}-3.3: Bump to r173123
(edit) @101838   7 years jeremyhu {dragonegg,llvm}-*: Don't livecheck
(edit) @101203   7 years jeremyhu dragonegg-3.[123]: Address possible build failure due to missing …
(edit) @100910   7 years jeremyhu {clang,dragonegg,llvm}-3.3: Bump to r171297
(edit) @100871   7 years jeremyhu {clang,dragonegg,llvm}-3.3: Bump to r171252
(add) @99796   7 years jeremyhu Add dragonegg-3.3
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