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(edit) @120760   5 years vince Slightly modify the passing of arguments via the binary scripts. …
(edit) @120643   5 years vince Bumps to LLVM/CLANG 3.4.1
(edit) @120195   5 years ryandesign eero-devel: gmake is used at build time, not runtime
(edit) @114328   6 years ryandesign use eq and ne instead of == and != when comparing ${os.arch}, …
(edit) @111504   6 years ryandesign remove use of [suffix] proc because it is thought to be confusing (#40529)
(edit) @110368   6 years jeremyhu eero-devel: Simplify compiler blacklist
(edit) @109661   6 years jeremyhu eero-devel: Use compiler.blacklist
(edit) @109284   6 years jeremyhu misc: remove depends_skip_archcheck because the gmake port already …
(edit) @99955   7 years vince llvm-bin seems not to be built anymore, remove related xinstall code.
(edit) @99929   7 years vince Bump to 2012-11-18 tag, and remove some stale patch files
(edit) @99240   7 years vince Upgrade to latest tags (2012-10-19 for llvm, 2012-10-22 for clang)
(edit) @98670   7 years vince Bump to newly released git tag 2012-10-09.
(edit) @95843   7 years ryandesign eero-devel: remove pre-activate block which was only necessary in the …
(edit) @95842   7 years ryandesign eero-devel: use normal distfiles instead of overriding the fetch, …
(edit) @95841   7 years ryandesign eero-devel: fix syntax error
(edit) @95838   7 years vince Requires clang as a compiler, since llvm-gcc does seems to break …
(edit) @95836   7 years vince Small modifications to make lint more happy.
(add) @95835   7 years vince Original submission tag 3.2.2012-07-17
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