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(edit) @91424   8 years jeremyhu llvm-gcc42: Build fix for Tiger
(edit) @88057   8 years jeremyhu llvm-gcc-4.2: Use llvm-2.9 instead of llvm for dependency and prefer …
(edit) @83385   8 years dports standardize some license formatting issues: * use - to indicate …
(edit) @80161   8 years jeremyhu llvm-gcc42: darwin11 build fixes Maintainer ack via email
(edit) @77654   9 years mfeiri llvm-gcc42: update to version 2.9
(edit) @72288   9 years mfeiri lang/llvm-gcc42: update to 2.8
(edit) @70476   9 years mfeiri update to 2.7, add llvm-gfortran and LTO, introduce libgcc_s variant …
(edit) @60440   10 years erickt Version bump for llvm and llvm-gcc-4.2.
(edit) @54698   10 years toby llvm-gcc42: remove unused patch
(edit) @52266   10 years ryandesign llvm-gcc42: fix mtree violation; closes #18659
(edit) @50980   11 years and.damore Maintainers batch change, removed
(edit) @49078   11 years erickt Bump llvm-gcc42 to 2.5.
(edit) @41827   11 years erickt llvm-gcc42: Fix a bug where we weren't using the right target triple …
(edit) @41805   11 years erickt Version bump of llvm and llvm-gcc42 to 2.4.
(edit) @39446   11 years landonf Update to match the 2.3 release of llvm; closes #16045
(edit) @34559   12 years ryandesign Setting svn:keywords to Id on all portfiles, per current guidelines
(edit) @34557   12 years ryandesign Setting svn:eol-style to native on all portfiles, per current guidelines
(add) @34218   12 years erickt llvm version bump to 2.2 as well as an llvm-gcc42 portfile.
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