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(edit) @1727   18 years landonf install.args is now provided by default
(edit) @1721   18 years landonf Destroot switch
(edit) @1683   18 years landonf Do not use deprecated option
(edit) @1653   18 years fkr + freebsd.
(edit) @1622   18 years eric Add some options wrapped in variants and re-arrange the …
(edit) @1620   18 years fkr added homepage formated long_description
(edit) @1566   18 years eric Update to the 2.60.1 distribution file.
(edit) @1551   18 years fkr more long_descriptions.
(edit) @1546   18 years fkr more long_descriptions. mostly coming from the freebsd ports repository.
(edit) @1542   18 years jpm old pine source is only available as compressed tarballs rather than …
(edit) @1528   18 years jkh Permanently retire the contents { .. } hack. Sorry. It was …
(edit) @1520   18 years mij Update to version 0.8.
(edit) @1485   18 years fkr following jpm's good example and added long_description.
(edit) @1456   18 years fkr bump version from 4.10 to 4.12.
(edit) @1393   18 years eric Correct ssl option. Submitted by: Pat Ekman <pat@…>
(edit) @1302   18 years fkr maintainer mail-address adjusted.
(edit) @1301   18 years fkr ADD: exim.
(edit) @1252   18 years mij Add spamprobe, a spam detector that uses Bayesian analysis.
(edit) @1251   18 years mij Argh, nuke this. It shouldn't have been committed, the contents are …
(edit) @1250   18 years mij Add newmail, a utility to check for new mail in multiple mailboxes.
(edit) @1235   18 years jkh Update to version 1.2.1 Submitted by: Jim Mock <mij@…>
(edit) @1202   18 years eric Explicitly list darwin as the one and only platform when no platforms …
(edit) @1200   18 years torrey Resync with changes accidentally made on lamancha.
(edit) @1159   18 years eric Update dependancies on the startup item.
(edit) @1153   18 years eric Add abook. Submitted by: Felix Kronlage <fkr-ml@…>
(edit) @1152   18 years eric Update startup dependancy.
(edit) @1144   18 years eric Move distfiles.
(edit) @1106   18 years eric Use a traditional startup script, and remove directories from contents.
(edit) @1098   18 years eric Remove an unused patch.
(edit) @1090   18 years eric Add postfix.
(edit) @1089   18 years eric Revert contents changes, update to 1.2.0, and remove now obsolete patch.
(edit) @1023   18 years eric Add an untested nntp variant. Word on the street is that this is …
(edit) @1016   18 years eric Add some build options wrapped in variants.
(edit) @960   18 years jkh 1. rename portname to name (externally) and portversion to version …
(edit) @953   18 years kevin Changed extract_sufx to extract.sufx
(edit) @948   18 years kevin Change make.* options to build.* since they pertain to the build …
(edit) @862   18 years jpm * empty log message *
(edit) @851   18 years eric Add and re-arrange informational bits.
(edit) @850   18 years eric Update and clean up requirement statements.
(edit) @841   18 years jkh Add a description.
(edit) @833   18 years eric Add gnupg.
(edit) @687   18 years landonf Update Portfiles' depends_* to conform to new indexing standard
(edit) @639   18 years jkh Allow "md5 <checksum>" to be used as a shorthand for "$distfiles md5 …
(edit) @600   18 years landonf Remove quotes used to group software descriptions. Individual …
(edit) @549   18 years eric Install properly.
(edit) @548   18 years eric Add contents list.
(edit) @532   18 years landonf Add neccesary changes from mutt CVS to find libiconv and build properly
(edit) @496   18 years jkh harmonize ports with current standards in port crafting technology
(edit) @453   18 years jkh Take advantage of new defaults
(edit) @392   18 years eric Change path for patch.
(edit) @391   18 years eric Set whacky distfile number.
(edit) @343   18 years jkh Add description lines for all ports
(edit) @333   18 years jkh Remove all the Makefiles - BSD make has issues with volume names with …
(edit) @291   18 years jkh Add Makefiles
(edit) @254   18 years eric "." is now included in the default extract_sufx so it does not have to …
(add) @235   18 years eric Add a 10-pack of ports.
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