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(edit) @106013   7 years vince Fix AVX processor detection for versions of MacOS < 10.7
(edit) @105864   7 years vince Forget about OpenMP threading (does not work) in atlas and patches …
(edit) @105573   7 years vince Re-enable clang-3.3 option and disable vectorizing flags that cause …
(edit) @105495   7 years larryv atlas: Convert stray tab back to spaces.
(edit) @105494   7 years vince Re-enable clang-3.3 option following r105491.
(edit) @105428   7 years vince Fixes a bug in compiler blacklisting and rev bumps.
(edit) @105384   7 years vince Disable the clang family compilers.
(edit) @105342   7 years vince Disable clang… as a possible compiler and reverts to gcc4.7 as default …
(edit) @105338   7 years vince Fix a misplaced line following the previous commit.
(edit) @105337   7 years vince Re-enables threading for ppc if necessary.
(edit) @105324   7 years vince Workaround for a regression in llvm/clang 3.3
(edit) @105312   7 years vince Add the ‘-force_cpusubtype_ALL’ flag for ppc builds
(edit) @105311   7 years vince Change the vector unit flag for Intel processors
(edit) @105307   7 years vince Fix a bug caused by Macports ‘sysctl’ misbehaving with strings outputs.
(edit) @105259   7 years vince TABs fix.
(edit) @105258   7 years vince Move some tweak code in order to execute it before the script creates …
(edit) @105250   7 years vince Fix wrong values for ISA (vector unit) id.
(edit) @105207   7 years vince atlas: Modify Portfile so that variables get properly set at the right …
(edit) @105083   7 years jmr atlas: add missing error catching probably responsible for failure to …
(edit) @104603   7 years vince Force use of Altivec for ppc builds
(edit) @104574   7 years vince Fix another typo for ppc64
(edit) @104573   7 years vince Fix bugs for ppc64 builds
(edit) @104554   7 years larryv atlas: Fix syntax error (#38564).
(add) @104549   7 years vince Update portfile to gcc47 default, remove gcc45 variant and enables …
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