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(edit) @90189   8 years jmr atlas: avoid failure to parse the portfile if the sysctls at the top …
(edit) @82758   8 years vince Generalize a patch to all archs (and not i386 only) since it seems needed.
(edit) @82722   8 years vince Reincorporate a patch file that was missing and caused (?) #30750.
(edit) @82701   8 years vince Remove deprecated patches.
(edit) @82700   8 years vince Another try to fix -force… loss on G4 and pthreads problem on i386.
(edit) @82683   8 years vince Corrects a mistake (stale version of Portfile) in r82670 – puts back …
(edit) @82670   8 years vince Avoid ATLAS to use plain 'gcc' despite configuration orders (#30750)
(edit) @82612   8 years jmr atlas: use built-in sysctl instead of execing an external process
(edit) @82585   8 years vince Correct a bug on Tiger (hw.cpufamily is not available)
(edit) @82453   8 years vince Reintroduce -force_cpusubtype_ALL flag for ppc.
(edit) @82302   8 years jmr atlas: don't print message about ppc archs when not running any …
(edit) @82290   8 years vince Downgrade Core i2 CPU to Core i1 on Snow Leopard, too.
(edit) @82248   8 years vince Bump to 3.9.47 (sorry everybody)
(edit) @82242   8 years vince Fixes a bug with i386/x86_64 universal compilation.
(edit) @82162   8 years afb remove duplicate patch file (locked svn, when case-insensitive)
(edit) @82161   8 years vince Update to version 3.9.46
(edit) @80831   8 years jmr atlas: license
(edit) @76544   9 years vince Disable threading on PPC archs (atomic routines do not work reliably) …
(edit) @76527   9 years vince Generalize -A change.
(edit) @76525   9 years vince -A PPCG4 > -A 4 (should be a number, not a symbolic name).
(edit) @76524   9 years vince Correct a Tiger side-effect.
(edit) @76523   9 years vince Force G4 arch even if G5 CPU are installed.
(edit) @76513   9 years vince Ensure that ${build_arch}='ppc' gives a 32-bit build even on a G5.
(edit) @76451   9 years vince Sorry, typo again.
(edit) @76450   9 years vince Correct a bug where "gcc" is used instead of ${}
(edit) @76435   9 years vince Fix a typo
(edit) @76434   9 years vince Correct a bug in 3.9.37
(edit) @76407   9 years vince Update to 3.9.37
(edit) @76347   9 years vince Bump to 3.9.35.
(edit) @75908   9 years vince Update to 3.9.33 / Lapack 3.3.0
(edit) @73586   9 years jmr atlas: use default dist_subdir and use variables while we're at it
(edit) @73584   9 years rmstonecipher math/atlas temporarily fix build failure in #27319 by using …
(edit) @71351   9 years jameskyle Changed the hard coded version number to a ${version} reference for atlas
(edit) @71349   9 years jameskyle Changed default variant for atlas from gcc45 to gcc44. I've tested …
(edit) @71201   9 years jameskyle Updated the atlas port to use gcc45 as the default compiler. #24869
(edit) @69509   9 years rmsfisher math/atlas corrected checksums for lapack (#25490)
(edit) @69457   9 years jameskyle Updated the atlas port to retrieve lapack v3.2.2. Incremented revision …
(edit) @68994   9 years mcalhoun atlas: gcc44 does not conflict with universal.
(edit) @68906   9 years jmr add gcc44 variants to multiple ports; where gcc43 was default, change …
(edit) @68673   9 years jmr atlas: don't arch check gcc
(edit) @68295   10 years jmr atlas: fix variant descriptions
(edit) @68269   10 years mcalhoun atlas: add descriptions to variants
(edit) @68232   10 years mcalhoun atlas: allow 32/64-bit universal build. Keep static libraries. Fixes …
(edit) @67706   10 years mcalhoun atlas: Ensure atlas uses the correct compiler. Closes #20070.
(edit) @67523   10 years jameskyle removed extraneous Portfile in math/atlas/files/
(edit) @64567   10 years jameskyle Applied patch to atlas build provided in #23349. Build and Linking …
(edit) @62814   10 years jameskyle Removed the -no-cpp-precomp flag for g4 builds to prevent gnu compiler …
(edit) @62767   10 years jameskyle Added patches to build properly on G4 arches. Fix for ticket #22378
(edit) @62043   10 years nox Fix atlas livecheck
(edit) @60524   10 years jameskyle Changed embedded variant for clock configure to a simple conditional.
(edit) @60515   10 years jameskyle Placed the platform args in pre-configure, otherwise cpufreq went out …
(edit) @60514   10 years jameskyle Removed the -D c -DPentium declaration from the pre-configure. It is …
(edit) @60513   10 years jameskyle Search and replace atlas makefiles for instances of gcc and replacing …
(edit) @60139   10 years jmr atlas: don't declare a universal variant when universal is not …
(edit) @59800   10 years jameskyle Re-enabled the universal variant then override it with a warning that …
(edit) @57876   10 years jameskyle Corrected error in dylib creation.
(edit) @57851   10 years jameskyle 1. Changed maintainer to jameskyle (myself) 2. Introduced test for …
(edit) @57805   10 years toby ajb78 has ignored tickets for 4-5 months, removing as maintainer
(edit) @53135   10 years ryandesign atlas: increase revision so everyone gets the changes from #20071
(edit) @53082   10 years jameskyle Removed optional compatibility_version flags for tiger compatibility.
(edit) @53075   10 years jameskyle Dynamically set ld arch....correctly.
(edit) @53072   10 years jameskyle Changed the static ld -arch i386 to -arch ${os.arch} Changed ld …
(edit) @53058   10 years jameskyle Updated the building of dylib's to refer to the full path of the …
(edit) @52260   10 years jameskyle Replaced static version for atlas with ${version}
(edit) @52257   10 years jameskyle Upgrades atlas to 3.8.3 Added shared libraries (dylib's) Compiles 32 …
(add) @38455   11 years jmr New port: atlas (#15614)
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