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(edit) @144255   4 years dstrubbe blitz, blitz-devel: Use compilers portgroup for Fortran variants. Add …
(edit) @143116   4 years devans blitz: set default variant to +gcc49, gcc48 doesn't build on El …
(edit) @110168   6 years jeremyhu multiple: Update python recipe to fix conflicts
(edit) @110143   6 years jeremyhu multiple ports: Fix fortran recipe to allow libgcc-devel
(edit) @110051   6 years jeremyhu blitz: General cleanup
(edit) @110049   6 years jeremyhu blitz: Support +universal and just use compiler variants to choose …
(edit) @109670   6 years jeremyhu blitz: Remove implied dependencies
(edit) @97763   7 years jeremyhu Revbump everything which could've been built with gcc44 or gcc45. …
(edit) @95168   7 years ryandesign blitz: follow stealth update of 0.10 (#35101); fix license (see …
(edit) @94834   7 years ryandesign blitz: homepage's domain is gone; use copy from (#35043)
(edit) @94818   7 years ryandesign blitz: update to 0.10 (#35013); add gcc46 and gcc47 variants
(edit) @94812   7 years ryandesign blitz: fix livecheck
(edit) @92049   8 years jmr blitz: license
(edit) @86632   8 years ryandesign Rewrite master_sites to avoid redirects
(edit) @84686   8 years jmr blitz: patch headers to work with newer gccs, and add gcc variants (#27109)
(edit) @75935   9 years ryandesign blitz: universal variant does not work
(edit) @75932   9 years ryandesign blitz: tweak description
(edit) @75931   9 years ryandesign blitz: whitespace changes / reformatting / add modeline
(edit) @65690   10 years ryandesign blitz: fix livecheck
(edit) @33297   12 years ryandesign For all nomaintainer and openmaintainer ports, remove occurrences of …
(edit) @30237   12 years jmpp nomaintainer address abstraction in math category.
(edit) @28510   12 years mww replace configure.env as far as possible
(edit) @22118   13 years mww drop maintainership
(edit) @20333   13 years blair Set the svn:keywords property to 'Id' for all Portfile's. This …
(add) @14956   14 years mww new port math/blitz
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