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(edit) @138433   4 years ryandesign gts: use the right MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET when building predicates_init
(edit) @138200   4 years ryandesign gts: change netpbm dependency to libnetpbm
(edit) @137244   5 years ryandesign gts: don't require a native arch to be listed first in universal_archs
(edit) @137021   5 years ryandesign gts: don't include ppc in cross_archs on Snow Leopard
(edit) @137020   5 years ryandesign gts: on 32-bit machines, include 64-bit architectures in cross_archs
(edit) @107824   6 years ryandesign gts, libiconv, webdot, py-netifaces: use eq and ne for string comparisons
(edit) @95223   7 years mk gts: revbump needed due to netbpm upgrade
(edit) @80038   8 years ryandesign Fix livecheck
(edit) @79989   8 years ryandesign gts: update master_sites for sourceforge reorg
(edit) @79794   8 years ryandesign gts: add pkgconfig build dependency; see #29936
(edit) @77199   9 years ryandesign gts: become maintainer, and use sha1 and rmd160 checksums
(edit) @77198   9 years ryandesign gts: whitespace changes / reformatting only
(edit) @77197   9 years ryandesign gts: fix build with latest netpbm; see #28868
(edit) @77165   9 years ryandesign gts: indicate license
(edit) @64197   10 years mcalhoun gts: check to see if a file exists before trying to patch it.
(edit) @58271   10 years ryandesign rewrite glib2 dependency so glib2-devel can satisfy it
(edit) @50238   11 years mcalhoun gts: Build universal binaries with muniversal PortGroup.
(edit) @47188   11 years blb math-gts - depends on glib2, ticket #18600
(edit) @30237   12 years jmpp nomaintainer address abstraction in math category.
(edit) @22478   13 years pipping * Spring-cleaning addresses see #11465 see …
(edit) @20333   13 years blair Set the svn:keywords property to 'Id' for all Portfile's. This …
(edit) @17399   14 years gwright Version bump to 0.7.6.
(add) @15106   14 years gwright New port: gts version 0.7.4, the GNU Triangulated Surface library.
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