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(edit) @114328   6 years ryandesign use eq and ne instead of == and != when comparing ${os.arch}, …
(edit) @110831   6 years mojca qrupdate: remove obsolete no_atlas, add gcc49, make gcc48 default (its …
(edit) @110143   6 years jeremyhu multiple ports: Fix fortran recipe to allow libgcc-devel
(edit) @109754   7 years jeremyhu qrupdate: Adjust libgcc dependency
(edit) @106281   7 years blair qrupdate: add +gcc48 variant.
(edit) @104220   7 years larryv Make +gcc47 the default compiler variant, adding +gcc4{6,7} if …
(edit) @99751   7 years vince Solve a conflict between universal and default +gcc45 variant
(edit) @97763   7 years jeremyhu Revbump everything which could've been built with gcc44 or gcc45. …
(edit) @93792   8 years and.damore port qrupdate: fixing condition for setting default variant
(edit) @93785   8 years and.damore port qrupdate: bumping revision to force upgrade, expanded comment. …
(edit) @93782   8 years and.damore port qrupdate: switching default variant to gcc45, nomaintainer
(edit) @93765   8 years vince Modernizes gcc versions and makes qrupdate build with Atlas >= 3.9.76. …
(edit) @93488   8 years ryandesign qrupdate: update to 1.1.2; factor out redundant code; change …
(edit) @90820   8 years jmr add gcc45 variants to multiple ports; where gcc44 was default, change …
(edit) @86677   8 years jmr qrupdate: license
(edit) @86279   8 years ryandesign rewrite master_sites to avoid redirects
(edit) @71716   9 years takeshi qrupdate: fixed an error specifying accelerate rather than no_atlas as …
(edit) @71118   9 years michaelld Added variant 'gcc45'.
(edit) @70460   10 years raimue math/qrupdate: Rename +accelerate to the more common name +no_atlas
(edit) @70385   10 years takeshi qrupdate: added accelerate variant
(edit) @69685   10 years jmr qrupdate: gcc needs to be in depends_lib (didn't check g95)
(edit) @68235   10 years mcalhoun qrupdate: Allow 32/64-bit universal build. Build shared libraries.
(edit) @66061   10 years takeshi qrupdate: updated to 1.1.1
(edit) @58816   10 years blb math/qrupdate - add variant for gcc44 and cleanup things some, ticket …
(edit) @55900   11 years ryandesign Set svn:eol-style to native per current guidelines
(edit) @55899   11 years ryandesign Set svn:keywords to Id per current guidelines
(add) @55492   11 years takeshi qrupdate: adding qrupdate intended for use in octave
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