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(edit) @57453   9 years ryandesign Remove autoconf, automake and libtool build dependencies from ports …
(edit) @57043   9 years ryandesign The name of the operating system is "Mac OS X"
(edit) @56975   9 years toby VLC: Remove llvm-gcc42 dependency the "configure.compiler …
(edit) @56648   9 years jeremyhu libdv,libmpeg2,lmms,mlt,mplayer-devel,smpeg,transcode: Let …
(edit) @56368   9 years devans various x264 dependents: Due to the inadvertant minor update to x264 …
(edit) @54707   9 years toby VLC: add faad2 dep It was implicitly getting this via ffmpeg, thus …
(edit) @54615   9 years mnick update VLC to version 1.0.1
(edit) @54553   9 years mnick use configure.compiler to set compiler variables
(edit) @54112   9 years mnick change maintainers to my new handle
(edit) @53999   9 years ryandesign VLC: move everything related to inside the platform macosx …
(edit) @53998   9 years ryandesign VLC: install again; closes #19325 and #19962.
(edit) @53959   9 years ryandesign VLC: display an error message when trying to install on less than Mac …
(edit) @53864   9 years snc updated VLC, ticket #20272
(edit) @52437   9 years macsforever2000 Add required libxml2 dependency. (#19962) Some lint fixes.
(edit) @49640   9 years jeremyhu VLC: Added a variant for the qt4 ui.
(edit) @49625   9 years jeremyhu VLC: Add description for x11 variant and don't need to set PKG_CONFIG_PATH.
(edit) @49623   9 years jeremyhu VLC: Fix typo for x264 and make x11 variant enable xvideo and glx.
(edit) @49622   9 years jeremyhu VLC: Not universal, delete --disable-smb with the +smb variant
(edit) @49617   9 years jeremyhu VLC: Accept speex-devel
(edit) @49604   9 years jeremyhu VLC: Escape the newline, not a space…
(edit) @49525   9 years raimue multimedia/VLC: Maintainer update to version 0.9.9a, VLC-x264.c.diff …
(add) @49452   9 years raimue multimedia/VLC: New port, closes #15389
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