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(edit) @134318   5 years ionic Mass-update: add modeline where appropriate, change binary install …
(edit) @114325   7 years ryandesign use eq and ne instead of == and != when comparing ${os.platform} and …
(edit) @111939   7 years jeremyhu nsping: Dead code removal
(edit) @110185   7 years jmr nsping: license
(edit) @84067   9 years ryandesign nsping: avoid conflict with built-in dprintf on Lion; see #30960
(edit) @84066   9 years ryandesign nsping: add universal variant
(edit) @83199   9 years ryandesign nsping: remove unnecessary directory creation commands
(edit) @83178   9 years jmr nsping: fix build on 10.6+, use correct compiler and archflags
(edit) @36370   12 years raimue net/nsping: Fix master_sites.
(edit) @32836   13 years ryandesign nsping: no need explicitly specify the root user, and this will surely …
(edit) @32835   13 years ryandesign nsping: no longer use the deprecated 'cd' command
(edit) @32834   13 years ryandesign nsping: "use_configure no" is preferred over "configure {}"
(edit) @32833   13 years ryandesign nsping: fix fetch failure
(edit) @32650   13 years ryandesign nsping: whitespace changes only (expand tabs at 8 characters)
(edit) @30628   13 years markd Linted.
(edit) @30239   13 years jmpp nomaintainer address abstraction in net category.
(edit) @20416   14 years jberry Convert all darwinports@… addresses to …
(edit) @20347   14 years blair Set the svn:keywords property to 'Id' for all Portfile's. This …
(edit) @12202   15 years jmpp Submitted by: jmpp@ Resetting fkr's ports to darwinports@. Also …
(edit) @6796   16 years matt Submitted by: rshaw@ Reviewed by: matt@ Increase the revision number …
(edit) @6784   16 years matt Bug: Submitted by: mww@ Reviewed by: matt@ Approved by: Obtained from: …
(edit) @4448   17 years fkr Bug: Submitted by: Reviewed by: Approved by: Obtained from: - make it …
(edit) @3173   17 years jkh Mass-merge of destroot target changes. Before committing this, I also …
(edit) @2419   17 years fkr shuffled master_sites. now primary master_site.
(edit) @2127   17 years mij Add CVS Id tags.
(edit) @1962   18 years fkr destroot.
(edit) @1666   18 years fkr ->
(edit) @1620   18 years fkr added homepage formated long_description
(edit) @1485   18 years fkr following jpm's good example and added long_description.
(add) @1454   18 years fkr add: nsping, a tool to test nameservers for latency.
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