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(edit) @123755   5 years mojca p5-*: revbump after r123698 (#43480)
(edit) @123297   5 years ryandesign p5-crypt-cbc: update to 2.33 and add p5.18 and p5.20
(edit) @94655   7 years jmr perl ports: * enable threads (#34723, #26323, #23993) and shared …
(edit) @86345   8 years jmr p5-crypt-cbc: license
(edit) @82547   8 years jmr perl5 portgroup: convert versions to a form we can compare correctly …
(edit) @76604   9 years dports Bump revisions on all ports that build perl5 modules (ports using the …
(edit) @70582   9 years ryandesign use supported_archs unconditionally, since MacPorts 1.9 has been out …
(edit) @67043   10 years ryandesign Mark some p5 noarch ports as such
(edit) @59845   10 years blair Switch from tabs to spaces for indentation.
(edit) @39045   11 years blair Fix a lint warning about a space after the $Id$ line.
(edit) @39044   11 years markd Update to 2.29.
(edit) @30205   12 years jmpp Openmaintainer address abstraction in perl category.
(edit) @25915   13 years blair Obscuring my email address in the ports I maintain or co-maintain.
(edit) @23736   13 years blair New upstream 2.22 release. Take over open maintenance.
(edit) @23735   13 years blair Whitespace cleanup.
(edit) @20425   13 years jberry Convert all darwinports@… addresses to …
(edit) @20357   13 years blair Set the svn:keywords property to 'Id' for all Portfile's. This …
(edit) @19814   13 years blair New upstream release. -IMPORTANT NOTE: Versions of this module prior …
(edit) @13471   14 years rshaw No longer maintaining these ports.
(add) @11063   15 years rshaw New port: Crypt::CBC module version 2.12 for Perl
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