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source: trunk/dports/perl/p5-perlio-eol/Portfile @ 139798

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Copied or renamed
Diff Rev Age Author Log Message
(edit) @138528   5 months mojca perl/p5-*: add subports p5.22-* (#48313)
(edit) @131740   11 months devans p5-perlio-eol, p5-perlio-via-bzip2, p5-perlio-via-dynamic, p5-svn-simple: …
(edit) @131722   11 months mojca p5-perlio-eol: first line, checksums, whitespace only
(edit) @131673   11 months dluke p5-perlio-eol: add perl branches, give up maintainer (#46005)
(edit) @130129   11 months mojca p5-*: remove support for Perl versions 5.8-5.14 (#46322)
(edit) @128808   12 months jmr correct license field for multiple ports that use the Artistic license
(edit) @94655   3 years jmr perl ports: * enable threads (#34723, #26323, #23993) and shared (#23089) …
(edit) @82547   4 years jmr perl5 portgroup: convert versions to a form we can compare correctly …
(edit) @80701   4 years dluke p5-perlio-eol: fix license
(edit) @80685   4 years dluke p5-perlio-eol: version bump, add openmaintainer, add license
(edit) @76604   5 years dports Bump revisions on all ports that build perl5 modules (ports using the …
(edit) @50984   7 years and.damore Maintainer email change, second batch, mail without domain …
(edit) @33860   8 years dluke lint cleanup
(edit) @20368   9 years blair Set the svn:keywords property to 'Id' for all Portfile's. This re-enables …
(add) @9089   11 years dluke New port for PerlIO::EOL (needed by svk)
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