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(edit) @87110   8 years snc py-hgsvn: fix livecheck
(edit) @84550   8 years snc modelines
(edit) @84531   8 years snc py-hgsvn: license
(edit) @83751   8 years jmr replace py-setuptools with py24-distribute
(edit) @82217   8 years snc py-hgsvn: unify and update to 0.1.9
(edit) @65825   10 years easieste Update to hgsvn-0.1.8.
(edit) @54793   10 years ryandesign py-hgsvn: update version to go with updated checksums from r54780; see …
(edit) @54780   10 years snc updated version, added dependency. ticket #20384, maintainer timeout.
(edit) @54268   10 years blb python/py-hgsvn - depend on 2.4 version of setuptools since this port …
(edit) @50980   11 years and.damore Maintainers batch change, removed
(edit) @37930   12 years ryandesign Set svn:eol-style to native on all portfiles per current guidelines
(edit) @37929   12 years ryandesign Set svn:keywords to Id on all portfiles per current guidelines
(edit) @37364   12 years saispo Add id in Portfile
(add) @37360   12 years saispo Add py-hgsvn and py25-hgsvn
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