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(edit) @37408   12 years ram py-numpy/py25-numpy: remove unnecessary fortran variants
(edit) @34923   12 years ram py-numpy/py25-numpy: add gcc43 variant
(edit) @34498   12 years ram py-numpy/py25-numpy: fix livecheck
(edit) @33723   12 years ram python/py-numpy: fix library link path
(edit) @33719   12 years ram py-numpy/py25-numpy: apply patch to fix f2py error when compiling a …
(edit) @33718   12 years ram numpy/scipy: readd g95 and gcc42 variants
(edit) @33616   12 years ram py-numpy/py25-numpy: fix linking with g95, patch from #14114
(edit) @33371   12 years ram g95 is currently not a supported fortran compiler, for the Mac OS X …
(edit) @32360   13 years ram py-numpy/py25-numpy: remove trailing whitespace
(edit) @32318   13 years ram py-numpy/py25-numpy: update homepage
(edit) @32196   13 years ram py-numpy/py25-numpy: use port style dependencies
(edit) @32159   13 years ram py-numpy/py25-numpy: don't need to specify fortran compiler in …
(edit) @32157   13 years ram take maintainership, with the approval of erickt@ in #13616
(edit) @32025   13 years erickt use depends_lib-append so that it picks up the python dependency
(edit) @31331   13 years erickt fix install bug for scipy and numpy
(edit) @31203   13 years erickt add variants to use gfortran from gcc42 for gcc43
(edit) @31131   13 years erickt version bump to 1.0.4
(edit) @29670   13 years erickt version bump and fix on py25-scipy to depend on py25-numpy
(edit) @27350   13 years erickt fix some incompatibilities between the newer numpy and older scipy
(edit) @25728   13 years erickt updated to py-numpy version 1.0.3 swapped dependency from gcc41/gcc42 …
(edit) @24532   13 years mww use new naming schema of gcc42 port ("-mp-4.2"); no revision update as …
(edit) @21496   13 years eridius Massive update to svn properties on files: All patchfiles have …
(edit) @21124   14 years ryandesign updating to 1.0.1 at maintainer's request -- see …
(edit) @20382   14 years blair Set the svn:keywords property to 'Id' for all Portfile's. This …
(edit) @20038   14 years erickt Use the proper platform variant
(edit) @19417   14 years erickt version bump made py-numpy depend on gcc42 on intel machines, but …
(edit) @19389   14 years erickt version bump to break scipy's dependence on the version of gcc installed
(edit) @19388   14 years erickt updated py-numpy to 1.0b4 moved py-scipy version 0.3.2 into …
(add) @16824   14 years mww Bug: #7620 Submitted by: erickt@… Reviewed …
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