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(edit) @85352   8 years jmr disable livecheck in subports of my python modules
(edit) @82062   8 years jmr revert r81362 and r81378
(edit) @81424   8 years jmr py-pil: use subport for doc dir
(edit) @81378   8 years jmr touch unified python portfiles so they're re-indexed after r81362
(edit) @81303   8 years jmr unify py*-pil
(edit) @78072   9 years jmr py-pil: update to 1.1.7, depend on lcms (#23980)
(edit) @76229   9 years ricci py{,26,27}-pil: add +no_tk, resolves #28462
(edit) @75673   9 years jmr py-pil, py26-pil, py27-pil: depend on tkinter (#28265)
(edit) @64763   10 years nox Update jpeg to 8a and rev-bump all of its direct dependents (#23260)
(edit) @61377   10 years jmr jpeg: update to version 7, rev bump dependents (#20193)
(edit) @30249   12 years jmpp nomaintainer address abstraction in python category.
(edit) @24708   12 years jann New port py-glewpy
(edit) @21496   13 years eridius Massive update to svn properties on files: All patchfiles have …
(edit) @20443   13 years jberry Convert all darwinports@… addresses to …
(edit) @20384   13 years blair Set the svn:keywords property to 'Id' for all Portfile's. This …
(edit) @13471   14 years rshaw No longer maintaining these ports.
(edit) @13059   14 years mww catch all libs - freetype, jpeg, zlib
(edit) @13052   14 years mww update to 1.1.5, builds again (broke tk variant - tk now gets build …
(edit) @12944   14 years mww fix build-error in tk-variant, add dependency on new py-tkinter port
(edit) @10995   15 years rshaw Adds +tk variant to work along with the +tk variant in python22/3/4. …
(edit) @10109   15 years rshaw Updated to Python 2.4. Thanks Markus! Submitted by: mww
(edit) @10106   15 years mww replace "/opt/local" by "@prefix@" as the Portfile already suspects
(edit) @9162   15 years rshaw Fixed an error with the depends line that prevented it from checking …
(edit) @6924   15 years rshaw Updated to PortGroup code. Fixed compile problems with freetype (now …
(edit) @4185   16 years rshaw added missing "platforms" line. includes darwin and freebsd per mww. …
(edit) @4130   16 years rshaw corrected email address
(add) @3994   16 years mww Bug: #814 Submitted by: rshaw@ Reviewed by: wbb4@, …
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