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(edit) @115009   6 years landonf Add support for Mac OS X 10.4.
(edit) @115008   6 years landonf Remove now-unused background execution mode.
(edit) @115007   6 years landonf Use a custom launchd plist to handle on-demand launching of certsync. …
(edit) @114815   6 years landonf Remove use of SecCertificateGetSubject(); it was left unimplemented in …
(edit) @114814   6 years landonf Partial implementation of certsync for Tiger.
(edit) @113511   6 years landonf Specify the license
(edit) @111188   6 years landonf Add additional debugging to try to narrow down the buildbot failure. …
(edit) @110823   6 years larryv certsync: Mark as not installing libraries.
(edit) @110751   6 years larryv certsync: Specify daemon with startupitem.executable (timeout, #40083).
(edit) @110750   6 years larryv certsync: Make whitespace consistent.
(edit) @109460   6 years landonf Enable 10.5 as a minimum target version
(edit) @109458   6 years landonf Add work-arounds for Mac OS X 10.5, based on patch from dluke. Issue: …
(edit) @109371   6 years ryandesign certsync: use phases correctly: extract in extract phase; patch in …
(edit) @109343   6 years landonf Replace unnecessary use of libdispatch; this will partially fix the …
(edit) @109272   6 years ryandesign certsync: simplify destroot
(edit) @109271   6 years ryandesign certsync: no need to manually create directory that MacPorts …
(edit) @109247   6 years cal certsync: enable startupitem.autostart, if available
(edit) @108699   6 years ryandesign set svn:eol-style to native
(edit) @106086   7 years landonf Re-enable non-server mode
(edit) @106085   7 years landonf Be more aggressive with retaining/releasing autorelease pools as to …
(edit) @106070   7 years ryandesign certsync: build for the right architectures and add universal variant
(edit) @106042   7 years landonf Add support for automatically regenerating the output file when the …
(edit) @106026   7 years larryv certsync: Revbump to force buildbots to remove cert.pem.
(edit) @106025   7 years larryv certsync: Remove cert.pem before deactivation (#39091).
(edit) @106023   7 years larryv certsync, curl-ca-bundle: Mark as conflicting (#39076).
(edit) @105985   7 years landonf Additional fixes for 10.6.
(edit) @105984   7 years landonf Remove ARC dependency for Mac OS 10.6.
(add) @105983   7 years landonf Add certsync, an experimental drop-in replacement for curl-ca-bundle …
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