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(edit) @92271   8 years jmr fish: fix occasional blocking for 5 seconds (#29839)
(edit) @79496   9 years ryandesign fish: use port:-style dependencies
(edit) @79495   9 years ryandesign fish: whitespace changes / reformatting / add modeline
(edit) @79494   9 years ryandesign fish: update homepage / master_sites
(edit) @69376   10 years dports Set nomaintainer on all ports formerly maintained by eridius (see …
(edit) @60375   11 years jmr fish: disable ccache since a user on IRC said it caused configure to fail
(edit) @57375   11 years ryandesign Change deprecated livecheck.check to livecheck.type See …
(edit) @54254   11 years raimue shells/fish: Update to 1.23.1, closes #20100 (maintainer timeout)
(edit) @50980   11 years and.damore Maintainers batch change, removed
(edit) @38414   12 years ryandesign fish: fix build with newer autoconf, and use a patchfile instead of …
(edit) @34201   13 years eridius Upgrade fish to 1.23.0 Also fix compilation under Leopard
(edit) @33301   13 years ryandesign For all nomaintainer and openmaintainer ports, remove …
(edit) @30210   13 years jmpp Openmaintainer address abstraction in shells category.
(edit) @28532   13 years mww use configure.compiler instead
(edit) @27921   13 years eridius Disable xsel by default. Add new xsel variant to re-enable xsel. …
(edit) @25921   13 years eridius Take over maintainership of fish, for the hell of it. Fix whitespace …
(edit) @24142   13 years ryandesign Make all portfiles start with '# $Id$' and then a blank line.
(edit) @22169   14 years pipping * apply patch submitted by zoarre.37258548@…
(edit) @20464   14 years blair Set the svn:keywords property to 'Id' for all Portfile's. This …
(edit) @20399   14 years jberry Convert all darwinports@… addresses to …
(edit) @19449   14 years yeled closes #10635 oops i actually forog to ci this.
(add) @15563   15 years mww new port shells/fish
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