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(edit) @9873   15 years landonf Added example configuration files Create all apt required directories …
(edit) @9871   15 years landonf Add build dependency on GNU make
(edit) @9759   15 years landonf Abstract out library installation
(edit) @9758   15 years landonf Repeat after me: test accepts single '=', not '=='
(edit) @9757   15 years landonf Explicitly require gnu make Fix h_errno checks in apt-get's autoconf script
(edit) @9718   15 years landonf Avoid the use of C++ static constructors, these cause breakage on …
(edit) @9717   15 years landonf Update 0.5.27
(edit) @9689   15 years landonf Install working library symlinks
(edit) @6796   15 years matt Submitted by: rshaw@ Reviewed by: matt@ Increase the revision number …
(edit) @6784   15 years matt Bug: Submitted by: mww@ Reviewed by: matt@ Approved by: Obtained from: …
(edit) @6524   16 years landonf Use paths relative to ${prefix}
(edit) @6523   16 years landonf Fix apt's autoconf glibc version check Use ${configure.dir} and …
(edit) @6522   16 years landonf Fix Darwin filter expression
(edit) @6521   16 years landonf Use $(INTLLIBS) as provided by autoconf Add apt-inst/makefile
(add) @6520   16 years landonf Checkpoint of apt 0.5.24 work
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