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(edit) @98937   7 years cal autopsy: fix livecheck, because autopsy3 is windows-only and …
(edit) @92810   7 years ryandesign autopsy: adjust md5sha1sum dependency; see …
(edit) @92774   7 years cal autopsy: whitespace only
(edit) @92773   7 years cal autopsy: set evidence locker to $prefix/var/lib/autopsy
(edit) @92772   7 years cal autopsy: update to 2.24, add evidence locker to destroot.keepdirs, add …
(edit) @86284   8 years ryandesign autopsy: rewrite master_sites to avoid redirects; fix livecheck
(edit) @84550   8 years snc modelines
(edit) @74797   9 years ecronin sysutils/autopsy: Set license; drop maintainership
(edit) @61821   10 years ecronin sysutils/autopsy: update to 2.21. Closes #16353, #22951
(edit) @43304   11 years mcalhoun autopsy: change perl dependency from port:perl5.8 to path:bin/perl …
(edit) @32736   12 years ecronin Fix livecheck
(edit) @32241   12 years ecronin pedantic 'port lint' edits
(edit) @32231   12 years ecronin Batch update of my maintainer address
(edit) @28371   12 years sfiera port lint fix for sleuthkit, lirc, autopsy, lsdvd, txt2man, MPlayer, …
(edit) @27440   12 years ryandesign Set svn:eol-style to native per current portfile conventions.
(add) @27328   12 years pmq Closes #12327. New port: autopsy. Submitted by: ecronin@…
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