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(edit) @109218   6 years cal htop: update to
(edit) @105234   7 years cal htop: update to most recent master, remove patches integrated upstream
(edit) @102162   7 years cal htop: restore SUID root, add checks to prevent priv escalation
(edit) @102094   7 years cal htop: fix regression: build failure in non-root installations
(edit) @102085   7 years cal htop: do not install binary SUID root, but SGID procmod, closes …
(edit) @101994   7 years ryandesign htop: fix configure failure by creating m4 directory beforehand (#37765)
(edit) @97122   7 years ryandesign github portgroup: change default livecheck.version from version to …
(edit) @96227   7 years ryandesign htop: simplify livecheck URL
(edit) @96226   7 years cal htop: use fork with more patches, claim maintainership, thanks to …
(edit) @88947   8 years ryandesign htop: whitespace adjustment
(edit) @88946   8 years ryandesign htop: use github portgroup
(edit) @84550   8 years snc modelines
(edit) @78232   8 years snc htop: use https: over git:, #26135
(edit) @77805   9 years ryandesign htop: fix homepage
(edit) @77804   9 years ryandesign htop: fix version number, fix livecheck, fix git.branch to not always …
(edit) @76713   9 years snc htop: drop maintainership
(edit) @75458   9 years snc update snc checksums
(edit) @73923   9 years snc undo update before portindex is run
(edit) @73921   9 years snc htop: update to 0.9
(edit) @73531   9 years snc htop: fix livecheck
(edit) @65779   10 years jmr htop: remove use_autoreconf since it's redundant given the manual …
(edit) @65240   10 years snc add autoreconf, #24160
(edit) @65197   10 years snc add libtool dep
(edit) @56880   10 years toby #21036 (htop 0.8.3_0 malloc error on Snow Leopard)
(edit) @54636   10 years raimue sysutils/htop: Accept any git available as build dependency
(edit) @54562   10 years ryandesign htop: Add git-core build dependency (remove when MacPorts 1.8.0 is out)
(add) @54559   10 years snc created htop, #20405. taking as openmaintainer
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