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(edit) @64346   10 years raimue sysutils/sudo: Security fix for CVE-2010-0427: Update to version 1.6.9p21
(edit) @59659   10 years snc drop maintainer
(edit) @59431   10 years snc revert version, mystery issue with 1.7 branch
(edit) @56850   10 years snc fix missing defaults values in sudoers.dist
(edit) @56552   10 years snc add missing run dir to destroot, fixes #20907
(edit) @53768   10 years snc updated version, #20259. removed $base_version
(edit) @53767   10 years snc fixed lint (missing portsystem line return, variant description
(edit) @53766   10 years snc whitespace changes
(edit) @53765   10 years snc take over as openmaintainer
(edit) @34910   12 years jmr sudo: bump version to 1.6.9p14.
(edit) @34909   12 years jmr sudo: use ${prefix}/var/run/sudo as timedir. Closes #14301.
(edit) @33530   12 years ryandesign sudo: update to 1.6.9p12; fixes build failure reported in #14096
(edit) @33529   12 years ryandesign sudo: don't keep repeating the distfile names in the checksums section
(edit) @33528   12 years ryandesign sudo: don't keep repeating the version number throughout the portfile
(edit) @30923   12 years css Fix fetching sudo 1.6.8p12 sources. (#13098)
(edit) @30254   12 years jmpp nomaintainer address abstraction in sysutils category.
(edit) @26899   12 years yves Change variant sunos to platform sunos
(edit) @26898   12 years yves Change variant darwin to platform darwin
(edit) @26895   12 years yves Change variant freebsd to platform freebsd
(edit) @20471   13 years blair Set the svn:keywords property to 'Id' for all Portfile's. This …
(edit) @20402   13 years jberry Convert all darwinports@… addresses to …
(edit) @15710   14 years blb Port: sudo Version: 1.6.8p12 Update port sysutils/sudo Version bump …
(edit) @14706   14 years blb Port: Many Update my ports Bugzilla finally let me change my email …
(edit) @12758   14 years toby sudo 1.6.8p9, security fix
(edit) @11680   15 years toby sudo 1.6.8p8
(edit) @11359   15 years mww Bug: #2762 Submitted by: linux454@… Reviewed by: …
(edit) @10630   15 years landonf Supports FreeBSD
(edit) @10194   15 years landonf Update to 1.6.8p6 (includes security fixes) Add FreeBSD support to Portfile
(add) @4827   16 years blb Port: sudo Version: 1.6.7p5 New port, sysutils/sudo Allow users to …
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