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(edit) @50543   11 years mcalhoun texlive_base: When building program ftdump, X11 libraries are not found.
(edit) @47420   11 years jeremyhu texlive_base: Update X11 dependencies
(edit) @47354   11 years milosh Orphan texlive.
(edit) @46447   11 years devans texlive_base: add +no_x11 variant.
(edit) @46402   11 years mcalhoun texlive_base: Ensure correct compilers are used.
(edit) @46398   11 years mcalhoun texlive_base: If the xorg-* ports use +system_x11, then the configure …
(edit) @46245   11 years ryandesign texlive_base: explicitly disable parallel build because it doesn't …
(edit) @46244   11 years ryandesign texlive_base: fix build failure on Tiger; see #18166
(edit) @45603   11 years jeremyhu x11 dependent ports: Force port: based X11 dependencies As mentioned …
(edit) @43632   12 years jeremyhu texlive_base: Not universal, dev timeout bug #17555
(edit) @42593   12 years mcalhoun texlive_base: change perl dependency from port:perl5.8 to …
(edit) @39803   12 years milosh patch for #16462 (texlive_base breaks when icu is installed) provided …
(edit) @39696   12 years milosh To enable xetex, change the dependency order, delete variant minimal. …
(edit) @39684   12 years milosh Building texlive with xetex following #16133
(edit) @35602   12 years jmr texlive: follow changed download URL, again.
(edit) @35506   12 years jmr texlive: update master_sites. Closes #14830.
(edit) @34005   12 years milosh Add dependency on X
(edit) @33079   12 years milosh Move some post-activate instructions from texlive_base to destroot …
(edit) @32784   12 years milosh Correct a bug occuring with particular lex installations. Thanks to …
(edit) @31345   13 years milosh remove revision
(edit) @31344   13 years milosh texlive_base installs texlive binaries.
(copy) @31343   13 years milosh Create a new texlive_base port. texlive is going to become a meta port …
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(edit) @31334   13 years milosh Remove execution permissions on patches.
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