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(edit) @114530   6 years cal haskell: revbumps required by hs-semigroups update in r114168
(edit) @114527   6 years cal hs-pandoc-types: revbump for hs-aeson revbump, revbump dependents tree …
(edit) @114526   6 years cal hs-citeproc, hs-texmath, pandoc: revbump; completes revbumping …
(edit) @114524   6 years cal pandoc: revbump due to r114523
(edit) @114509   6 years cal pandoc: update to Also: - updates hs-pandoc-types to 1.12.3 …
(edit) @110047   6 years cal haskell ports: revbump to make sure all ports have been built against …
(edit) @106871   7 years cal pandoc: revbump to rebuild with new GHC, format description
(edit) @104520   7 years larryv pandoc: Edit description text; rearrange sections.
(edit) @104480   7 years sean pandoc: add missing hs-data-default dep (#38541)
(edit) @104471   7 years larryv Revbump all ports using haskell-1.0 to make archives pick up r100403. …
(edit) @104342   7 years sean pandoc: update to 1.11.1 and fix deps
(edit) @104341   7 years sean pandoc: add modeline and clean whitespace
(edit) @96914   7 years singingwolfboy Dropped maintainership of pandoc
(edit) @75616   9 years singingwolfboy pandoc: took ownership, updated to, switched to haskell portgroup
(edit) @75490   9 years jmr pandoc: set nomaintainer at former maintainer's request (#22387, …
(edit) @65654   10 years jmr change haddock deps to hs-haddock (#24088)
(edit) @58618   10 years snc updated version, new depends, drop old patch. ticket #21052, …
(edit) @50984   11 years and.damore Maintainer email change, second batch, mail without …
(edit) @40734   11 years gwright Make sure the right ghc and ghc-pkg are found and fix port lint …
(edit) @37365   12 years dluke remove trailing whitespace to make port lint happy.
(edit) @37362   12 years dluke Add patch (and bump revision) per maintainer (fixes #14886)
(edit) @32607   12 years boeyms pandoc: maintainer update to latest version (0.46). Closes #13875.
(edit) @31847   12 years ryandesign pandoc: maintainer update to 0.45; closes #13534
(edit) @29630   12 years boeyms pandoc: maintainer update to latest version.
(add) @28278   12 years ryandesign pandoc: new port, thanks to jgm at berkeley. See ticket #12559.
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