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(edit) @1733   18 years michaelm destrootificationness
(edit) @1732   18 years michaelm really, really destroot this time
(edit) @1729   18 years landonf Remove all DESTDIR=${destroot} settings as install.args is now set to …
(edit) @1725   18 years michaelm fixed install phase based on landon's upcoming fix of infrastructure…
(edit) @1724   18 years michaelm destdirification
(edit) @1723   18 years michaelm destdir'ified
(edit) @1722   18 years michaelm really working with destdir now!
(edit) @1720   18 years michaelm corrected location of man files
(edit) @1719   18 years michaelm yay destroot
(edit) @1698   18 years landonf Switch to ${destroot} installation
(edit) @1688   18 years jpm as submitted by: Larry Sica <lomion@…> added homepage
(edit) @1687   18 years mij change the distfile path in the 2nd URL
(edit) @1678   18 years fkr -> ->
(edit) @1664   18 years jpm opps, also added/bumped the revision to 1
(edit) @1663   18 years jpm committing changes as provided by: Marius Schamschula …
(edit) @1656   18 years mij and changes
(edit) @1628   18 years landonf Add long_description for rman Submitted by: Larry Sica <lomion@…>
(edit) @1576   18 years jpm think i had a cvs dir in the port dir - good one.
(edit) @1575   18 years jpm trying to fix a minor cvs mishap - will recheck these in shortly
(edit) @1574   18 years jpm the first revision of the gnome xml library
(edit) @1567   18 years mij Replace the language variants with a ui_msg telling users they need to …
(edit) @1561   18 years landonf Add homepage key and long_description to dict port Regenerate PortIndex
(edit) @1559   18 years landonf Remove extra backslashes
(edit) @1539   18 years jpm added a slew of sourceforge mirrors for eric.
(edit) @1528   18 years jkh Permanently retire the contents { .. } hack. Sorry. It was …
(edit) @1491   18 years mij Add long_description.
(edit) @1408   18 years mij Add aspell Russian dictionary.
(edit) @1407   18 years mij Add aspell Dutch dictionary.
(edit) @1406   18 years mij Add aspell Italian dictionary.
(edit) @1405   18 years mij Add aspell French dictionary.
(edit) @1404   18 years mij Add aspell Spanish dictionary.
(edit) @1403   18 years mij Add aspell English dictionary.
(edit) @1402   18 years mij Add aspell Danish dictionary.
(edit) @1401   18 years mij Add aspell German dictionary.
(edit) @1400   18 years mij Add aspell.
(edit) @1385   18 years mij Add txt2html, a utility to convert ASCII text files to HTML.
(edit) @1384   18 years mij Add man2html, a utility to convert nroff man pages to HTML.
(edit) @1382   18 years mij Add jive, a filter to convert English text into Jive.
(edit) @1381   18 years mij Remove a few unused, commented out lines.
(edit) @1358   18 years rooneg catch up with the libxml -> libxml2 rename.
(edit) @1311   18 years jpm no need for both a '{ }' block and normal '\' tcl lists…
(edit) @1309   18 years jpm as submitted by: Marius Schamschula <marius173@…>
(edit) @1307   18 years eric Update maintainer address.
(edit) @1299   18 years michaelm fixed install bug reported by REJT on irc
(edit) @1297   18 years michaelm removed badly named libxml port
(edit) @1296   18 years michaelm correctly named libxml2 port
(edit) @1289   18 years mij Fix contents.
(edit) @1249   18 years mij Add tnef2txt, a tool that converts Microsoft TNEF attachments to ASCII …
(edit) @1248   18 years mij Add rtfreader, a utility to read Microsoft RTF files.
(edit) @1247   18 years mij Add mmencode, a tool that translates to and from mail-oriented …
(edit) @1246   18 years mij Add htmldoc, a tool that converts HTML files to PDF or PostScript.
(edit) @1245   18 years mij Change maintainers from mij@… to mij@….
(edit) @1244   18 years mij Add antiword, a utility to read Microsoft Word documents.
(edit) @1204   18 years eric Add rman. Submitted by: Larry Sica <lomifeh@…>
(edit) @1203   18 years eric Explicitly list darwin as the one and only platform when no platforms …
(edit) @1200   18 years torrey Resync with changes accidentally made on lamancha.
(edit) @1064   18 years jkh Fix some rather crazed indentation, some of which I suspect was the …
(edit) @1043   18 years jkh Add tth, a TeX to HTML translator Submitted by: Kevin Fyure …
(edit) @1006   18 years jkh Changes to support long_description (long-description unfortunately …
(edit) @984   18 years michaelm docbook xml dtd
(edit) @983   18 years michaelm docbook xsl stylesheets
(edit) @976   18 years rooneg Change a few instances of ${workpath}/${worksrcdir} to ${worksrcpath}.
(edit) @970   18 years michaelm libxslt port, first ci
(edit) @969   18 years michaelm libxml port, first ci
(edit) @960   18 years jkh 1. rename portname to name (externally) and portversion to version …
(edit) @953   18 years kevin Changed extract_sufx to extract.sufx
(edit) @948   18 years kevin Change make.* options to build.* since they pertain to the build …
(edit) @908   18 years eric Reformat, rework, and reclaim as discussed with the previous maintainer.
(edit) @850   18 years eric Update and clean up requirement statements.
(edit) @830   18 years michaelm Garrett Rooney's expat port
(edit) @819   18 years jkh Edd zee ell-impurtunt purt ooff cheff. Bork Bork Bork! Soobmeetted …
(edit) @809   18 years kevin Description was too long.
(edit) @750   18 years landonf Remove misplaced quotes
(edit) @639   18 years jkh Allow "md5 <checksum>" to be used as a shorthand for "$distfiles md5 …
(edit) @634   18 years kevin Install manpages too.
(edit) @632   18 years kevin Added openjade port.
(edit) @600   18 years landonf Remove quotes used to group software descriptions. Individual …
(edit) @561   18 years jkh Try not to be such an idiot: Set environment just once for make command.
(edit) @560   18 years jkh Set make and install prefixes correctly
(edit) @555   18 years eric Previously forgetten commit; add contents list.
(edit) @518   18 years landonf Add basic ispell port and required build support
(edit) @516   18 years jkh Set registry.contents_recurse
(edit) @469   18 years jkh Clean up contents line
(edit) @453   18 years jkh Take advantage of new defaults
(edit) @439   18 years landonf distname default
(edit) @434   18 years jkh Fudge install target just a little
(edit) @433   18 years jkh Add contents
(edit) @431   18 years jkh worksrcdir works with default value so don't set it
(edit) @430   18 years jkh Make this work now that debugging is useful.
(edit) @427   18 years jkh _ < say hello to cowsay > --------------------- …
(edit) @416   18 years jkh Add figlet.
(edit) @401   18 years landonf Update patches with new directory level
(edit) @400   18 years eric Add a mirror.
(edit) @371   18 years landonf Fix up man page
(edit) @343   18 years jkh Add description lines for all ports
(edit) @333   18 years jkh Remove all the Makefiles - BSD make has issues with volume names with …
(edit) @291   18 years jkh Add Makefiles
(edit) @258   18 years landonf Default to prepending ${prefix} to packing list entry
(edit) @254   18 years eric "." is now included in the default extract_sufx so it does not have to …
(edit) @235   18 years eric Add a 10-pack of ports.
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