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(edit) @85810   8 years dports lynx: license
(edit) @69520   9 years jmr update openssl to 1.0.0a and rev bump dependents (#25114, maintainer …
(edit) @69130   9 years dports lynx: update to 2.8.7rel1
(edit) @57749   10 years ryandesign Remove "(default)" from the end of default variant descriptions …
(edit) @57375   10 years ryandesign Change deprecated livecheck.check to livecheck.type See …
(edit) @41970   11 years devans lynx: fix livecheck, add mode line.
(edit) @33753   12 years ryandesign lynx: indicate in the variant description that openssl is the default
(edit) @33752   12 years ryandesign lynx: use +ssl by default only if user has not already chosen +gnutls
(edit) @32570   12 years ryandesign lynx: increment revision so everyone gets the change from r32565; see …
(edit) @32565   12 years raimue www/lynx: Enable IPv6 by default, closes #13864
(edit) @28206   12 years sfiera Fixing port lint, obscuring maintainer addresses on my ports, plus a …
(edit) @25249   12 years sfiera * Support for GnuTLS (default still uses OpenSSL)
(edit) @25023   12 years pipping * bump to version 2.8.6rel.5 * remove some black magic
(edit) @23382   13 years dluke Patch lynx to build even when gd2 is installed (and remove an obsolete …
(edit) @23260   13 years jann New port mdf2iso
(edit) @23258   13 years jann Whitespace fix
(edit) @23257   13 years jann Lynx updated to 2.8.6
(edit) @22478   13 years pipping * Spring-cleaning addresses see #11465 see …
(edit) @20490   13 years blair Set the svn:keywords property to 'Id' for all Portfile's. This …
(edit) @9535   15 years toby *cough*
(edit) @7921   15 years toby Update to 2.8.5rel.2, take maintainership. Bug: Submitted by: Reviewed …
(edit) @6121   16 years toby Proper maintainer syntax.
(edit) @5420   16 years rshaw Corrected man page install location per porthier(7) Submitted by: rshaw
(edit) @3408   16 years fenner Add a couple of master sites and an SSL variant. Make Oliver the …
(edit) @3156   16 years eric Give up maintainership.
(edit) @2128   17 years mij Add CVS Id tags.
(edit) @1758   17 years landonf Welcome to destroot, table for two?
(edit) @1556   17 years jkh Remove trailing whitespace after backslash. Submitted by: Felix …
(edit) @1550   17 years jkh Add some more long_description entries.
(add) @1236   17 years eric Add lynx.
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