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(edit) @1729   18 years landonf Remove all DESTDIR=${destroot} settings as install.args is now set to …
(edit) @1706   18 years landonf Switch to destroot
(edit) @1705   18 years landonf Update links version & utilize destroot
(edit) @1565   18 years rooneg add homepages to the apr, subversion, and neon ports.
(edit) @1556   18 years jkh Remove trailing whitespace after backslash. Submitted by: Felix …
(edit) @1550   18 years jkh Add some more long_description entries.
(edit) @1528   18 years jkh Permanently retire the contents { .. } hack. Sorry. It was …
(edit) @1491   18 years mij Add long_description.
(edit) @1438   18 years jpm port as submitted by Max Kruschwitz <ports@…>
(edit) @1383   18 years mij Add urlview, a URL extractor/launcher. This works especially well …
(edit) @1236   18 years eric Add lynx.
(edit) @1203   18 years eric Explicitly list darwin as the one and only platform when no platforms …
(edit) @1189   18 years michaelm added a couple of doc files missed in contents lists
(edit) @1144   18 years eric Move distfiles.
(edit) @1119   18 years michaelm reformating, removed hardcoded path, whups
(edit) @1100   18 years michaelm added a revision, updated portname, portversion
(edit) @1032   18 years landonf Add x11 variant
(edit) @1031   18 years landonf Fix for big endian x11 issues
(edit) @1019   18 years kevin Default to the +m17n variant.
(edit) @1006   18 years jkh Changes to support long_description (long-description unfortunately …
(edit) @997   18 years rooneg Update the neon port to 0.23.5.
(edit) @986   18 years kevin Added w3m port.
(edit) @960   18 years jkh 1. rename portname to name (externally) and portversion to version …
(edit) @953   18 years kevin Changed extract_sufx to extract.sufx
(edit) @916   18 years michaelm Updated to deal with new apache release and tidy up a couple of things
(edit) @893   18 years michaelm removed rogue quotation mark
(edit) @864   18 years landonf Move nqc to lang Move apr to devel
(edit) @850   18 years eric Update and clean up requirement statements.
(edit) @832   18 years michaelm Garrett Rooney's apr and apr-util port
(edit) @831   18 years michaelm Garrett Rooney's neon port
(edit) @828   18 years michaelm fixed case of depends_lib to match the change in case of the perl5.8 port
(edit) @825   18 years michaelm Added mod_perl variants for apache and associated contents files …
(edit) @814   18 years michaelm path to pid file was incorrect
(edit) @813   18 years michaelm path to startup script was incorrect
(edit) @807   18 years landonf Quotes are bad
(edit) @778   18 years landonf Prevent include of appkit.h (zoinks!)
(edit) @762   18 years landonf Add missing startup script
(edit) @747   18 years landonf Forgot all important "file"
(edit) @745   18 years landonf Drop variants (for now) Clean up Will re-add variants once …
(edit) @742   18 years landonf Lost a '\' in the shuffle
(edit) @741   18 years landonf Initial landing of apache port
(edit) @639   18 years jkh Allow "md5 <checksum>" to be used as a shorthand for "$distfiles md5 …
(add) @611   18 years landonf Add basic links port
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