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(edit) @128009   5 years ionic imake: fix building in trace mode. tradcpp is also used at build time.
(edit) @127961   5 years mcalhoun imake: bump version 1.0.5->1.0.7; ensure UsingTheRightCompiler
(edit) @126419   5 years jmr imake: use tradcpp on 10.8 and up (#41408). Dependents will still need …
(edit) @93865   8 years jmr imake: use cpp not $CC -E with clang since it doesn't support …
(edit) @92496   8 years jmr imake: update to 1.0.5
(edit) @89535   8 years jeremyhu imake: Don't force llvm-gcc imake itself builds fine with clang. The …
(edit) @84946   8 years takanori imake should not be compiled by clang. (#31504)
(edit) @81394   8 years jmr imake: installs_libs no
(edit) @80794   8 years jmr imake: license
(edit) @72504   9 years jmr imake: 1.0.3 is not on sourceforge
(edit) @69917   9 years mcalhoun imake: Ensure correct compiler is used; Add openmaintainer.
(edit) @69030   9 years snc fix description, #25311. maintainer timeout
(edit) @67410   10 years ryandesign imake: update to 1.0.3; see #24730 (maintainer timeout)
(edit) @57375   10 years ryandesign Change deprecated livecheck.check to livecheck.type See …
(edit) @54374   10 years mcalhoun imake: Ensure correct preprocessor is used. Fixes #20426.
(edit) @50532   11 years jeremyhu xorg: Nuked the +system_x11 variant.
(edit) @48740   11 years mcalhoun imake: Do not disable xorg-xproto dependency if its pkgconfig file …
(edit) @48738   11 years mcalhoun imake: Add build dependency on xorg-xproto. Allow use of system …
(edit) @44941   11 years ryandesign Set svn:eol-style to native on all Portfiles per current policy
(edit) @44896   11 years toby svn:keywords
(add) @41533   11 years mcalhoun New Port: x11/imake, XQuartz no longer includes imake build system.
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