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(edit) @639   18 years jkh Allow "md5 <checksum>" to be used as a shorthand for "$distfiles md5 …
(edit) @634   18 years kevin Install manpages too.
(edit) @632   18 years kevin Added openjade port.
(edit) @631   18 years jkh Document that registry.path is now a settable variable. Make gtk …
(edit) @629   18 years jkh Um, this port depends on x11 so we might as well say so.
(edit) @627   18 years eric Add netcat.
(edit) @624   18 years eric Add mysql.
(edit) @623   18 years landonf Forced commit. The last commit message should read: Upgrade vim to …
(edit) @622   18 years landonf Upgrade vim to patchlevel 174444
(edit) @620   18 years landonf Update gtk portfile to use available convenience options
(edit) @611   18 years landonf Add basic links port
(edit) @604   18 years landonf Renamed SDL ports
(edit) @603   18 years landonf Match the portnames to the name of the directory in which they reside
(edit) @602   18 years eric Clean up names and patches.
(edit) @601   18 years landonf Update index
(edit) @600   18 years landonf Remove quotes used to group software descriptions. Individual …
(edit) @598   18 years eric Add gtk.
(edit) @597   18 years eric Install dylibs.
(edit) @596   18 years landonf Add support for port search
(edit) @593   18 years landonf Initial implementation of backwards compatable index functionality
(edit) @585   18 years eric Build properly and move man pages.
(edit) @584   18 years eric Change path for man pages.
(edit) @583   18 years eric Add glib.
(edit) @582   18 years eric Adjust install paths.
(edit) @571   18 years eric Set the prefix and install the binary where it belongs.
(edit) @562   18 years jkh Whoops, I had the wrong port before - back previous change out.
(edit) @561   18 years jkh Try not to be such an idiot: Set environment just once for make command.
(edit) @560   18 years jkh Set make and install prefixes correctly
(edit) @559   18 years jkh Set install environment too
(edit) @558   18 years jkh Set prefix properly
(edit) @555   18 years eric Previously forgetten commit; add contents list.
(edit) @554   18 years eric Spell "#!/bin/sh" correctly. Noticed by: jkh
(edit) @552   18 years eric Add contents list.
(edit) @551   18 years eric Install properly.
(edit) @550   18 years eric Install properly.
(edit) @549   18 years eric Install properly.
(edit) @548   18 years eric Add contents list.
(edit) @547   18 years eric Install properly.
(edit) @546   18 years eric Add contents list.
(edit) @544   18 years eric Add contents list. Symbolic links are not listed for the time being …
(edit) @543   18 years eric Install properly.
(edit) @542   18 years eric Install properly.
(edit) @541   18 years eric Install in a pgsql subdirectory, and do not claim to own directories …
(edit) @540   18 years eric Install properly.
(edit) @539   18 years eric Add contents list.
(edit) @537   18 years landonf Add maintainers
(edit) @536   18 years landonf Add a description
(edit) @535   18 years landonf Update to use new environmental variable options
(edit) @534   18 years landonf Add x11 dependencies
(edit) @533   18 years landonf Add Portfile for fluxbox Our first window manager
(edit) @532   18 years landonf Add neccesary changes from mutt CVS to find libiconv and build properly
(edit) @521   18 years landonf Add commands/command procedures. Implement standardization of command …
(edit) @519   18 years eric Add contents list.
(edit) @518   18 years landonf Add basic ispell port and required build support
(edit) @516   18 years jkh Set registry.contents_recurse
(edit) @512   18 years eric Add gettext.
(edit) @511   18 years eric Re-arrange and add contents list.
(edit) @497   18 years kevin Grab the tarball from lamancha.
(edit) @496   18 years jkh harmonize ports with current standards in port crafting technology
(edit) @494   18 years jkh Simplify
(edit) @493   18 years jkh Simplify this port somewhat to conform to today's options
(edit) @491   18 years kevin Added x11 variant.
(edit) @490   18 years landonf I'll own the vim port
(edit) @488   18 years kevin blast configure.args and put include at end of file.
(edit) @487   18 years kevin Added X11 variant support.
(edit) @485   18 years eric Add mad, MPEG Audio Decoder.
(edit) @484   18 years landonf Add working 'install'
(edit) @483   18 years landonf Move faster site to top of list
(edit) @470   18 years jkh Split contents into another file.
(edit) @469   18 years jkh Clean up contents line
(edit) @465   18 years jkh Make contents file look a little neater.
(edit) @464   18 years jkh Add include directive and make X port use it
(edit) @463   18 years jkh Break checksums out into an include file
(edit) @461   18 years landonf Putting quotes around multiple values means that the list will not be …
(edit) @457   18 years landonf Add vim contents list
(edit) @455   18 years landonf Misc Portfile cleanups and fixes
(edit) @453   18 years jkh Take advantage of new defaults
(edit) @452   18 years leimy Updated to use the more friendly ${prefix}
(edit) @451   18 years leimy Not working but close…
(edit) @450   18 years leimy Updated
(edit) @449   18 years leimy Initial libjpeg port.
(edit) @448   18 years leimy Portfile updated to apply patch.. Patch added :). Changes install …
(edit) @447   18 years leimy Now builds properly... need to add extra dependencies for PNG and JPEG
(edit) @446   18 years leimy Fixed the path to the SDL_image download
(edit) @443   18 years leimy Initial commit of libsdl_image
(edit) @439   18 years landonf distname default
(edit) @434   18 years jkh Fudge install target just a little
(edit) @433   18 years jkh Add contents
(edit) @431   18 years jkh worksrcdir works with default value so don't set it
(edit) @430   18 years jkh Make this work now that debugging is useful.
(edit) @427   18 years jkh _ < say hello to cowsay > --------------------- …
(edit) @426   18 years jkh Simplify and fix some problems.
(edit) @425   18 years landonf Use autoconf directive
(edit) @422   18 years leimy Added contents section
(edit) @416   18 years jkh Add figlet.
(edit) @406   18 years landonf remove 'bad' patches
(edit) @405   18 years eric Update for the changed system command.
(edit) @404   18 years landonf Clean up Portfile a tad Add autoconf fix
(edit) @403   18 years eric Fix for system command changes.
(edit) @401   18 years landonf Update patches with new directory level
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